Thursday, 31 May 2012

just chatting

Hi everyone

No crafting done today as I am starting to think about what I need to get ready for my holiday.  A couple of nights ago we decided we would definitely take our picnic basket with us this year.  So I though I had better get it out & check everything i it - most probably as it hadn't been used for a while the things would need a good wash.

Well! It had other things piled on top of it - so I thought this would be a good time to start clearing the area where it is kept.  In starting that task I came across an old photo album that was left in the pile of things.  I think I had looked it out for some photos of my brother when he was younger for his recent birthday to show everyone.  It was one of those old ones with the clear cellophane & sticky pages?  To my delight I found it still contained some photos from when John & I were younger some with Mum & Dad, some of just Mum & Dad.  There was a photo of me when I was bridesmaid to my best friend (I was 18) - she moved to Australia & this year is coming over because her brother is getting married again.  I am hoping to meet up with her on her visit - I haven't seen her in over 40 years, but I have spoken to her a few times on the phone.  There is another photo of me when I was matron of honour to another friend - my golly I was skinny - I was about 22 then.

So you can see I spent some time reminiscing.

Then this afternoon I went over to Clatterbridge to visit my brothers friend who is in there receiving treatment.  It is so difficult for my brother living so far away - so I went along in his stead.

Tomorrow I am out for the day with our daughter-in-law Nadine.  It will be a case of deja vu - as we are looking for ideas for the wedding next year & of course we were doing this for their wedding just over 2 years ago.

Right ladies that is me for today.  More tomorrow.
Night night - sleep well.

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

A little more on the Olympic torch

Hi everyone

If you go back to Tuesdays post about the Olympic torch through Hawarden you will see that Joanna (Craftyjo) has left a comment.

Joanna is right there have been lots of negative comments about this event.  The things I have heard have been mainly about the amount of money spent on the torches - but did you know that if you were chosen you were asked to pay for the torch - that is why you were allowed to keep it & why some have sold theirs to raise money for various reasons. I don't know what happened if you couldn't or wouldn't pay for the torch - perhaps then you didn't keep it.  There were also comments about all the torch bearers wearing the white track suits - well perhaps they had to pay for those too. I don't know - I am just thinking.

I was really pleased that the event passed the end of my road but I was a little surprised to find out today that it didn't go to Mold - our County seat?

I guess I belong to the old school - I love everything patriotic.  Yes there is waste sometimes in these grand events that are put on - but this year there are 2 things we will not see again in our lifetime.  Or perhaps I should say in my lifetime. The Olympics is not likely to come this way again for a very long time.  I think that it is great it has happened this year when we have the diamond jubilee to celebrate as well. A way to show the rest of the world what Great Britain is all about, & I think that the event in Hawarden on Tuesday showed just that.  If you didn't believe in these things would you go out & buy an alice band with bouncy union flags on them; would you stand in the street for an hour or more waving flags - that 99% of the time were upside down.  (The manufacturers fault).  No.

Years ago - when I was about 11 the Queen & Princess Margaret came to Portsmouth & all my family went to the nearest point we could get to, to see them pass through the area.  The car went by at a reasonable pace that we really only just caught a glimpse of them.  Now I think about it if I was 11 the Queen might not yet have been the Queen hence she was only with Princess Margaret.  I had to wait until a couple of weeks ago to get a better view of her.  I tell you - it was worth the wait.

I hope in your area you are having parties & celebrating & I hope we do well in the Olympics.  My friend has an ancestor who won a gold medal in the 1908 Summer Olympics.  At those Olympics we won 56 gold medals, 51 silver & 39 Bronze.  A total of 146 medals & we were ranked number 1.  Lets see what 2012 has in store.

Wow! get me going on.

Tuesday tutorial update

Good morning everyone
Quick post to say I have made a slight amendment to the off cut pads tutorial.
I had left a bit of information out - that would actually save you a little time.

Back later - where has the sunshine gone?  Hope that's not it.

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Olympic torch

Hi everyone

This afternoon I walked down to the end of my road to watch the Olympic torch being carried through Hawarden.  I met up with Helen from Mold II & we found quite a good spot from which to watch things & take photos.

The atmosphere was amazing - people were out with headbands on with everything from glittery red, white & blue bobbles to sequined union flags.  There was a group of people opposite us holding up a banner for team GB & everyone was really enjoying themselves.  I managed to get some good pictures & thought I would share a couple with you.

This was the view down Gladstone Way towards the garden centre where the torch was coming from

& there is the banner across the road

this is the point where the torch light exchange happened - right in front of us - which Helen & I did not realise was going to happen.  We wondered why a man up a ladder seemed to be getting a lot of attention - but it wasn't him.  It was a young girl called Charlotte who was taking the torch to the next stage.  The man on the left in the white t-shirt was wheeling the person who had been holding the torch for the first stage.  Unfortunately just as I took the photo he leant forward to help & obscured the man holding the torch.

This is Charlotte about to start her part of the relay.

We couldn't have picked a better place if we tried.  We were there for about an hour, perhaps a little longer & it was really great to be a part of it.

I took loads more photos - but these were the most effective to show you.  Just across the road was Sue from Mold II, & I think we have photos of each other taking photos of each other.  Daft isn't it.

Right I am off to bed now.  Great day. Sleep well.
Night night.

new tutorial

Just popping in again to let you know that the tutorial about sorting your stash of paper & card off cuts is now on the tutorial page.

If you want to see the You Tube video I found - search on You Tube for "How to organise your paper scraps into paper pads"  or search You Tube for videos by The Paper Boutique.


sorting stash

Good morning ladies

Yes - some more sorting.  This time I tackled my box of paper & card left-overs.  I went into it yesterday to see what I had for something I was going to do & was horrified at the state of things.  Recently I saw a You Tube video by a lady sorting her card & paper stash. At the time I thought it was a good idea but didn't do anything.  This morning was the time & all in all it took me less than an hour.

This is how things looked to start

This is only part of it - it is what I took out of the box.

Here is the rest still in the box & look how some of it is getting screwed up & spoilt

After less than an hours work this is what they look like now.

Interested in what I did - well give me a few minutes - well, perhaps a bit longer - & I will put the method over on the Tutorials page, rather than use space here.

'Bye for now.

Birthday Greetings

It is 29 May & a CSNW member has a birthday

Happy Birthday


Have a great day

Monday, 28 May 2012

club pages

Good evening ladies

Just popping in to let you know that I have updated the club pages with the programme for July, August & September. 

The project page still needs to have photos of samples put there.  I will start working on those over the next couple of days.

'Bye for now.

Sunday, 27 May 2012

playing with pan pastels

Yes - I know - it is a hot sunny day I should be in the garden or outside at least doing something.

Well I was out there a little earlier & I am afraid it was too hot for me.  Never in my life did I think I would find our weather too hot - I used to love being out in it - a job to get me to stay indoors.  Guess it must be an age problem.

Anyway I thought it was about time I tried these Pan Pastels out - I had bought 5 pots at the festival along with some tools with soft tips with which to apply the pastels.  First I did a bit of "Googling" in order to double check how people were using them - although I did already have a reasonable idea.

Not seen this product yet?  Didn't spot them at the festival?  Here they are

That is NOT my supply it is a photo from the Internet.
I have 5 pots & a set of those blue tools which also come with the sponge tips that you can see in the packet behind the tools.

They are like big eye shadow tubs & the pastel / chalk inside is really soft  & creamy.  Although when you brush it onto your work you do get dust, & like chalks it needs to be set.  There are of course sprays that you can buy to do this but I was told that inexpensive hair sprays do the job just as well.

They are really good to work with.

These 3 little samples I have tried to do different things.  I used a fairly smooth card to work on. The sample on the left I stamped the image with Versamark ink (in fact all my stamping was done with Versamark).  I then brushed a pale green pastel over the image (without drying the ink) & followed that with a darker green pastel to get a little more depth.  Finally down the right hand side of that one I brushed some yellowy-orange.  The middle one was stamped & then brushed with pale green, after which I used the more pointy tool & added the yellowy-orange colour into the petals.  I really needed a smaller tip - something like a cotton bud I think.  Then to test the depth the colours can go to in one colouring & trying out another colour I brushed a deep orange over the piece of card outside the design & then across most of the top 2 rows of flowers. The third piece was stamped then coloured with light green followed by the darker green which I brushed on several times.  Each time the colour becomes a little more intense.  I then stamped the sentiment & brushed over that with the same colour.

It is surprising just how long the Versamark stays tacky for you to keep adding colours.  Those little stamps I got from Caroline - they are sort of small squared off versions of some of her texture mats & I thought they made nice backgrounds for small work.

This card was stamped, again with Versamark, first with the daisy style flower head.  Then it was brushed with the yellowy-orange pastel. Next I stamped the other flower over it filling in some spaces & brushed it again with the same pastel.  It took a little darker than the first covering.  The stemmed rose was stamped & dusted with the deep orange & again I dusted it a couple of times to get depth of colour.  It is almost impossible not to get that halo of the deep colour around the rose but I polished it with a soft tissue & did manage to remove some.  You can use a clean eraser to lift off pastel where you don't want it - which is a great way for putting highlights on things too.  But to do it around the rose would have taken the other colour off the background flowers.  I just stamped the sentiment in black archival ink.

I really like the finish & effect & will be getting some images prepared for cards.  Can't wait to have another go - but will have to for now.  Hope to play tomorrow.

'Bye for now.

How spoilt am I?.............................

Good morning ladies

Sorry I didn't get to post yesterday but we had a lovely day out.

The main purpose was to visit the little village where Bob's parents are buried, & where Bob was born, to lay down some flowers.  At the same time we also visited one of Bob's brothers & his wife who also live in the village.

We took a really lovely scenic countryside drive from home to the village - Gnosall in Staffordshire - & after visiting Bob's brother for a few hours, we stopped off for a meal then finished with another lovely scenic countryside drive home.  This was a different route to the one on the way out in the morning.

Isn't this weather glorious?  I hope it continues through to the bank holiday weekend next weekend, as so many people have special outdoor events organised.  Are any of you having street parties or something else?

Well that is me for now - it is really yesterdays post - I may be back later with a post from today.

Oh yes! .................. why am I spoilt?  Well!

On Tuesday evening I received this rather nice surprise .........

'Bye for now.

Friday, 25 May 2012

Another wedding cake!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi everyone

I know I may have implied no more wedding cakes after the one for my god-daughter this year & all it's stresses, but here we go again.

This time more notice, as it is not required until April next year.  Shape, style, flowers, colour will be decided very shortly & stuck to. 

Which is good as I am doing everything else as well - the Save The Date, Invitations & RSVP cards, Menus & all the flowers.

But even so I shouldn't get complacent about the amount of time available as between now & then Bob & I are on holiday for 3 weeks, then there is Christmas & I know we have a long weekend sometime around October for one of Bob's Navy Re-Unions.

I will definitely have to keep my fingers on the pulse.

So there we are, as well as stamping & club news - all the updates on the wedding to give you, the blog should be quite busy for a while.

Ooh! I haven't let you know who this is all for!  Well! it is for .............................

Bob & I

Yes, really & truly.  After all these years together we have finally decided to tie the knot.

I can do samples ......

............. better late than never.

here is the photo of the accordion Front Tag card that you have been making, that I finally got round to doing yesterday.

I found the papers & card when sorting through a pile of things on a shelf & thought that is just what I want for this card.

This version has the fold on the left hand side & opens like a book.  Which then made me think it would make a really good mini album with pages added inside.  So I am going to adapt it to do a mini book of my visit to Chester Zoo last week.  Also on Tuesday the Olympic torch is going past the end of my road so i am going to be out there with my camera & will put those photos in there too.  Will let you know how it goes.

This morning I met up with Sue & took a trip out to Creative Pastimes.  Jan who owns the shop was there so we had quite a good natter as well.  Then Sue & I popped into the cafe for some lunch.  Whilst there I bumped in to 2 ladies from Happy Stampers & Chris from Mold II.  After our lunch we popped out to Burley Dam Garden Centre to see how their craft shop was looking.  Then it was time for home.

Let us hope this weather is going to continue over the weekend which will be really nice.  I hope you have some lovely things planned.

More later - 'bye for now.

Thursday, 24 May 2012

just chatting

Hi everyone

Well! Yesterday I felt so guilty about my samples I had to start to put things to rights.  So I sat down & made the Accordion Tag Front Card.  I say made it - I haven't stuck the tag to the front.  But whilst making it I had an idea.  I had already thought that the tag itself would make a good embellishment to a scrapbook page - to hold journalling or perhaps a mixture of journalling & rather small photos.  Of course it could be made in a larger size as well to accommodate larger photos.  Sometimes we have more than is needed for a page but want to include them - this would be a way to do that.  But also I thought that the card itself could be turned into a mini album.  So watch this space.

As I had a workshop this morning for Scrap booking my mind last night had to turn to those kind of ideas.  Before going to bed I had an idea for a mini album which to be honest was triggered by watching for a little while a C&C programme with Debbie Moore.  So! believe it or not when I woke up this morning I just had to try it out - so at 7:15pm I was sat at my craft desk in my nightie & dressing gown (Now I have worded that wrong as it sounds as if the desk was in my clothes - but I am sure you know what I meant). I made a prototype of my idea.  I took it along to the workshop & the ladies liked the idea - so one of the classes will be about making your own album (especially mini ones) & we will be making that one.

The Accordion Tag Front card I am going to turn into a mini book & will show you photos when I have done some more work on it.

Tomorrow I am spending quite a bit of the day with Sue - I think we are going over to Creative Pastimes (on the A41) & also having some lunch.  It was Sue's birthday yesterday & it is our day out for that.

Not sure if I will have crafting time tomorrow - but will let you know what Sue & I get up to.

That''s me for tonight.  Sleep well - more tomorrow.

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

80th birthday cards & much more

Good afternoon - I'm back

All my special order cards are now made & the last 2 are ready for handing over.  These special birthday cards have been good to make as I have been able to use papers & toppers that have been building up in my stash. I must say though that I have rather got into a theme - the layouts are very similar.

Here they are ...................

A little while ago Rita who is a member of the Mold II club had a card of hers published.  She didn't know about it until her present arrived - so she had to go out & buy the magazine.  To her surprise they had used the name of her house as her surname.  I had spotted the card & thought that it was probably our Rita.  She brought the magazine in to club last night & I snapped the item to show here...

Well done Rita - I am guessing that is a Tim Holtz die?

During the evening I took a couple more photos & they were of the project that the group will be making in the June evening with Carolyn.  Now I have fallen a bit behind with making project samples recently & last might I was put to shame as Carolyn brought in about 9 or 10 samples for the ladies to see.  I took photos of 2 of them & will show them here for everyone to see & I will also put them on the project page. Don't worry Mold & CSNW ladies you will do this project later - once I have made one to check I know what I am doing.  They are rocker cards with a stepper look.

This one has been made for someones birthday - I love all the embellishments.

The Christmas tree one is absolutely beautiful & when the card rocks the glitter catches the light.

I am looking forward to seeing the pictures of these cards when made by the Mold II ladies.  I have a couple of birthday cards to make for June & July - I think I might go with this style.  One is for my oldest friend - that is - in length of time known - who will be 70 in July.

This afternoon I cleared my desk after making these special cards over the last few weeks & am now ready to do some stamping - so watch this space.

That's it for today.  I will be updating the club projects page & the club pages over the next couple of days.

'Bye for now.

Mold II meeting & photos

Good morning ladies

Although I got home at a reasonable time from last night's meeting, things rather overtook me & I didn't get to blog - so here I am this morning.

There wasn't a Show & Tell last night - due to me being sick last month & forgetting to give them the sketch the previous month.  But the project was the Accordion Tag Front card.  Here are the photos......................

This black & gold card is so elegant & would make a lovely 18th or 21st birthday card or new home card.

I think this card shows how effective a random patterned card can be - very pretty

This shows the tag open.

A really feminine design

Here is the tag open ........... and oh look .............oops I forgot to flip it, so sorry - it is upside down.

Another delicate feminine card

Now for a contrast - doesn't this shades of black & white work well.  Dainty & feminine but would still work for a man's card 

and here is the tag open.

Ooh! Wouldn't a little girl just love this fairy one?

& here is the tag open.

Very elegant - cards do not always need to have lots of things on them

& with the tag open

I like the rounded corners to this card & the lovely fresh colours

Another fairy design - I love the colours, & the tag works really well in the different position.

& here it is with tag open.

My favourite colour at the moment.  Really nice layering of the background papers too.

So there you have it.  I have other photos to show you of different things so I will probably be back again later.

Have a good day.

'Bye for now.

Monday, 21 May 2012

just chatting

Hi everyone
Just a quick chat tonight as I have just got home after my Happy Stampers meeting.  One of our members showed different ways to use one stamp - although she did the demo with different designs used multiple ways.  I watched & thought that would be a good idea one evening here.  A few minutes later the brain kicked in & I realised that is exactly what we are doing for our 2012 project.  You know that poor old brain - it is slowing down!!!!!

Today I started working on the 100th birthday card I had been asked to make.  It was actually requested by the colleague of mine who passed away just before Tina, so I had stopped thinking about it, but her family thought it would be nice to still send the card/  So I have gone back to it.  I hope to finish it tomorrow - so will show you a photograph.  I found, when searching for the coloured card that I wanted to use - some pre-scored pages for the Glitter Girl's Bookatrix.  I must have scored some different colours in readiness for making a book card.  So I have decided to make the 100th birthday card using that - just the 2 smaller sizes.

In a recent craft spending spell I bought a die for making card stands - so I am going to make one of those to stand the Bookatrix card on.

A question - do you ever read back over my blogging posts?  Because there are a couple of people who do leave comments & I would like to think their comments are read by someone other than me.

That's me for tonight.  More tomorrow.
Sleep well.

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Last Thursday morning ....................

..................... I went to see the Queen.

I am sure you all know by now that the Queen & Prince Philip visited Chester Zoo last Thursday to open the new Jubilee Pavilion.  The lady I have been making the Indian wedding cards for had a special invitation for the event - through her link to an Indian dancing group.  She asked me & another colleague if we would like to go with her.

You may remember it was a rather wet day - but at the point the Royal Party came into the area the sun peaked through.  Taking photos was tricky & at one point I moved to a spot where I would have got a clear straight on view of them & a security guard moved me.,  Not a Chester Zoo guard although he was wearing one of their jackets - I think he was the real thing.

Here are a few photos of the visit .............

These gentlemen were providing the Indian music & the gentleman on the left - playing the drums - was a very imposing sight in his white suit & black turban.

This is one of the groups of dancers.  Look at those puddles & everyone's umbrellas & the dancers had nothing on their feet!!!!!!!

I think this is the group that my friend was associated with - the younger girls & boys.  The lady in white (although I think it was a lovely ecru colour) is their dancing teacher.

I wasn't sure I had got this one clear enough.  It was the one took after the security guard moved me.  If I could have stayed where I was I would have got a straight on shot.

I wasn't this close to him - it was just a chance of a clear field - then cropped to get the main figure.

I am hoping that I can work on the photo that has the Queen in it to crop out some of the side stuff & increase the view of her.  I was almost successful with this next one - but the guy in the grey suit moved forward just as I took the photo.  OK! I nearly chopped her head off too - but I think some cropping & closing in on her head & shoulders could give me a good photo.  I will see.

I got wet & muddy, but would not have missed it & she (sorry Ma'am) - the Queen  - looked fantastic.

OK - time for bed.

Hope to be making some cards tomorrow - so perhaps have some photos for you.

Night night - sleep well.

Mold photos part 2

Good evening ladies

Well, the weather has been reasonably kind to us this weekend & I have just watched the forecast for next week & it is looking really good.

So! here are the photos of the project from Mold's meeting last Thursday evening - which was the Accordion Tag Front card.  Where the project wasn't finished completely the tag  has been placed on some background card.  Also for some there are 2 photos - one with the tag closed & one with tag open...............

This completed card with tag has been decorated with stamped background papers, & it works so well on the Kraft coloured card.

A very delicately decorated tag which is almost lost on that piece of card.  I should have found a greener place to put it, but the open tag shows up really well.  Very nicely decorated too.

Another completed card very pretty shades of lilac & blue.  The use of the second colour way as corners is really effective.

These 2 have very similar papers & finishes - I love those leaf stamped background papers.  They suit so many projects.

This grey-blue tag on the green card works really well & the flourish has been stamped in virtually the same colour.

That background paper is gorgeous & the tag sits well on it - the flowers that have been stamped on the tag go so well with the paper.

The tag on this card has not been stuck on crooked - it is all still unassembled - I must have knocked it before taking the photo.  A nice clean design.

Very much a work in progress but the tag is going to look great on that spotty background.  Very nice.

That's me caught up with club photo's, but I have some photos to show you from where I was on Thursday morning.  Not sure I will get back with them this evening - but will definitely put them here tomorrow if not.

Hope you have had a great weekend.

'Bye for now.