Wednesday, 30 April 2014

just chatting

Hello everyone

I am just popping in to say I won't really have much to talk about in the way of things I have made for the next day or so - which is also why I didn't write anything yesterday.

The reason?
I am completely redesigning my craft room & at the moment cannot see the surface of my craft desk & in fact have only just been able to clear my computer desk in order to write this.  I have been quite pleased with the way I had organised it since moving here - but I have storage boxes of all different sizes & not necessarily a useful size.  Consequently some items have ended up being squeezed on top of boxes or in front of them on the shelf.  This has made it awkward sometimes looking for things - so time for a change. My big book case now has some rather smart plastic boxes - they are clear - so I can see what is in them.  I have kept some of the cardboard boxes because they are a bit bigger for holding papers.

I have just finished sorting my craft CD's as well.  I had them stored in A5 ring binders - but I found it difficult looking through them for what I wanted.  They are all now in open top boxes - the shelf looks neater & when I have sorted the CD's into some sort of order will be much better.  Cannot make up my mind whether to sort by type or make.

Anyway - that was a longer chat than I intended.  So! for the next couple of days if you want to see some crafting photos - well you know where to send them & have them featured.  Come on ladies - you must be making something. Help me out here.

'Bye for now I think one hungry husband is ready for his dinner.

Monday, 28 April 2014

anniversary card

Good evening everyone

No crafting was done in this house today - but house tidying & work in the garden was undertaken.  So I have decided I will show you the card I made for Bob for our anniversaries.

Yes I did say anniversaries - because I am sure you all know that we have always celebrated the anniversary of being together which this year rose to 29 years!  But of course because as we chose to get married on our anniversary it was also our first wedding anniversary.  Wow! that's a lot of use of the word anni..........

I wanted to make a card that covered both events so had in mind a concertina style card & in fact a little while ago I ordered a die for making a special kind of concertina card.  But as our date drew near I had to make other plans & finally came up with another idea.  When it came to putting words on it I found I didn't have much in the way of anni.......... so I stopped working on the card & popped to the craft shop & made some suitable purchases.  When I got home the postman had been & ..................... yep! you guessed it ....
amongst the mail was the package I had been waiting for.  Never mind they will come in useful throughout the year & will do for our second anni .......

Here is the card.

This is a birds eye view of the shape of the card.  It is two 5x5 cards glued together to create a zigzag card.

This is the front & I have stamped a heart shape & embossed it in gold EP. This stamp was a freebie on Craft Stamper at some time.  I chose the purple card because that was close to the dress I wore & I had to use peel-offs for the sentiments.

This is the right-hand side of the inside.  Obviously I have not photographed the left-hand side as that is where my message is.  The next stage is to close the card - but it actually shows ..........

.... the other front which is for our longer celebrated event.  Open that page &

you reach the other inside.  I used the same die-cut but this time put it down into the bottom right-hand corner.

In a way it is a little like a never ending card, because if you now turn that page over - as if to close the card - you are back to the first front page again.

I was very pleased with the way this turned out, & Bob liked it too.

That's me - I am off to bed.  Night night - sleep well.

Sunday, 27 April 2014

Tutorial for Pop-up card in a box - No. 2

Hi - here comes bus number four, te he ;)

Seriously here is the photographic tutorial for Carolyn's (Mold II) version of this lovely card which starts with an A4 piece of card.  I think the text on the photographs is sufficient to show you what to do.

Thank you Carolyn for sharing this.

Hope you all make these - have fun.

Members showcase

OK - here I am again, just like the buses - nothing for a while then 3 all together.

This time we have a showcase & it is Betty from Mold II club who went home from the meeting & made one of the pop-up card in a box cards.

It's lovely & bright & cheerful.  Well done Betty.  I think people are going to get addicted to this card because you can put so much into it (without going over the top) but you haven't got horrendous postage to pay.  It folds flat & should go normal or large depending on the size you make it.

Right I think that has me uptodate with news, but I still have Carolyn's instructions to cover. I have some serious card making to do this week & I may show you the card I made Bob for our anniversary.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend.
'Bye for now.

member news

The first piece of news is from Joanna of Mold club - who has won a prize.

This time it was by answering some question & finding something on the blog.  Here is the link so that you can see how she got on.

Do have a go at these little competitions when you see them on blogs - it is usually something quite simple, like just writing a comment about the days blog - or a product - or like Joanna a quiz style questionnaire.

Back again in just a moment.

Just chatting

Hello hello!
Sorry I didn't get back to post Carolyn's instructions for the pop-up box card on Friday - but by the time I got home from my day out with Nadine - it was time to "posh" myself up for our anniversary meal.

Mind you - it would appear I need new glasses.  I was sitting talking to Bob before getting ready & he asked me if my eyes were OK.  A bit puzzled I asked why he asked.  His reply "I just wondered".  So I decided I probably needed to open my eyes.  Hmm - definitely new glasses.  There on the hearth was a black flower box with a dozen red roses in.  Now! how I didn't see them I do not know - I certainly wasn't expecting them. Anyway - here they are - just thought I would gloat for a while  :) lol

We had a fantastic evening, excellent meal, a card & a rose from the hotel rounded it off.

Yesterday we went over to Gareth & Elayne as I was going to show Elayne's mum how to make a box envelope (Crafters Companion board).  We ended up going out to lunch with them all which was very nice indeed & then returned home for a fairly quiet evening.  Today has been fairly relaxed - although Bob's coffee maker seems to have given up the ghost & some new automatic room fresheners that we bought have leaked everywhere.  You know those battery operated ones that squirt out a perfume every so often.  Also Bob had some trouble getting the computer link to the rugby to work - although I think he has just managed to correct it.  So a funny day really.

I have a couple of pieces of member news & items to write up & also the other instructions from Carolyn. So I am off to see to that now.

Hope your weekend has been good.  Back a little later.  'Bye for now.

birthday greetings

It's 27 April & a CSNW member has a birthday

Happy Birthday Ruth

Have a wonderful day

Friday, 25 April 2014

Tutorial for pop up card in a box

Good morning everyone.  Here is the first little tutorial for this lovely card.

It is from the quicky instructions that Rita gave us - but I have found a new toy on one of my photo software packages, so you have a visual & written set of instructions. As I have only just discovered this tool I was unable to work out how to delete text after I had saved it - so that needs work.  Anyway here goes;

These instructions are to make one of these delightful cards with any - yes - any size piece of card. For this set of photos I started with a piece that measured .............

By left edge I mean the folded part - don't unfold it or your measurements will be wrong.

In this sample I scored right across the card but really the 3 right hand sections is far enough as the left section will be the back & that doesn't get folded down.

For photo purposes I used DSST - I would recommend wet glue for actual project

See! I couldn't delete this lower text & you have "orf" instead of "of"

When these supports are placed inside the box the central panel should be straight across not slightly tilted as in my sample.  Note; If making a small box - like this one - you will probably only need one central support. Although 2 would fit in if I had trimmed those fold back flaps by about half.

Decorate the outside of the box & the fronts of the flaps.  Add embellishments to the support strips. If you use acetate for some of the embellishments will float in your card.  To the back section add one long strip of decorative paper & possibly some plain paper on top of that to write your message.  Then sit back & wait for the compliments.

I am off out with Nadine in about 10 minutes - so will write up Carolyn's version later today.

Thursday, 24 April 2014

mold II photos - part 2

Good afternoon everyone & what a lovely day it is too

I had quite an exhausting crochet workshop this morning, as I have a lovely elderly lady who attends but she is very forgetful.  Her husband is quite concerned about her.  (Hey - I have said elderly lady - I have know idea how old she is so I am being a little presumptuous,  She would appear to be older than me).  So showing her things is quite hard work as 5 minutes later she needs showing again.  I do not worry about that because I will, as you know, repeat things as often is needed - but by the end I am quite tired, especially as I have 5 other ladies to teach as well.  It is rather sad really as at one of the early workshops she attended she brought along with her her portfolio of things she had made when she was a working lady.  She made wedding gowns, lingerie & the most exquisite things which she sold to quite famous stores & all over the world.  She worked with delicate lace & silk - her items were to die for.  So perhaps she has worked her poor brain & memory to a standstill.

Anyway - down to stamping.  Here are the photos of the project from Mold II's meeting on Tuesday evening.  The project was the stretch card which was shown to us by Carolyn.  Some of the photos are of cards that are work in progress but several ladies did get to complete a card.

This is one of Carolyn's cards that she brought along with her t show the ladies.  The other card she brought was the one that appears on the projects photo page.  It is such a versatile card design & as this one shows is ideal for men's cards.  Bless them.

This is going to be a beautiful delicate card - I love the colour combination.

Here is one of the cards that got completed - isn't that teddy gorgeous - I think someone said he is called Wellington.

A couple of close up shots of Wellington's card.

I just love these papers - don't they go well together

This is the same card but I have laid it flat so that hopefully the dragonfly embellishments in the corners will show up.

Another work in progress - this looks like it's going to be party cakes.

This is the other completed card - very exotic.

Some close-up shots.  
The red butterflies are perfect against the black & cream background paper.

I did join in the making of this card & had to pinch some background papers as I forgot to put some in my bag.  You just can't get the staff these days can you?  :)  I didn't get very far with it due to taking photos etc - so will try over the weekend to finish it & show you later.

Well! I think that is it for today.  Must go into the garden & plant some geraniums then back into the craft room.  Tomorrow I am out for the day with Nadine, then in the evening Bob & I are out for our anniversary.  We are going for a meal at the Northop Hall Hotel, where we were married.

'Bye for now.

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

mold II photos -part 1

Good evening everyone.

Did you have that fantastic sunset in your area tonight?  It was one of those sunsets where I needed to be way out in the country to get a really good photo. But just photographing it over the roof tops wouldn't have really shown it off.

Anyway I am here tonight to show you the Show & Tell cards from last nights Mold II meeting. Where the challenge was  colour theme - Kraft, pale blue & peach.  Several of the ladies said that they hadn't liked the thought of this colour scheme - but as always they came through --

Isn't this delightful, 

& here is another one slightly different.  Pleased to see a stamped happy birthday.

Some beautiful flowers - pale blue & peach actually go very well together.

A lovely Easter egg card - just the right colours for this one.

Such a pretty card & we have been teased by this one.  Carol who made it is going to show us - possibly next month - how she made those flowers.

Very very pretty & made by Elizabeth who had just bought (or been given) a Big -Shot machine.
Obviously thoroughly enjoying getting used to using it.

Another one of those lovely fold flat pop up card in a box cards.
(See my note at the end)

Very delicate card

I just had to show this sentiment it was on the insert in the above card.  
Isn't a lovely saying?

I love finding these colour combinations - it does us all good to step out of our comfort zone on colour & surprise ourselves with what we can create.

At the start of the evening Rita showed us all a quick "no measuring" way of creating that fold flat pop-up box card.  Then Carolyn - whose lovely display of these cards I had showcased recently - also came up with a quick way.

I will write up their 2 versions & put it on the tutorial page.  I had said previously I was going to put an instruction on there & it happens to be the same one as Carolyn has suggested.  I will try & do that tomorrow.

Tomorrow I have one of my crochet workshops.  Then in the afternoon I need to put the finishing touches to my "first wedding anniversary" card for Bob.  Yes! a whole year has gone by - one year on Friday.  Where does the time go.

That's me for now.
Night night.

Happy St George's Day

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Members news

I am back again - because in that Papercraft Essentials magazine on another of the "Your Cards" page was a card by Annette - also from Mold II club.

Well done Annette.

Tonight it is the April meeting for Mold II - so I will see you all there later & will have some photographs for the blog tomorrow.

'Bye for now.