Friday, 15 December 2017

A present from the NHS

Good afternoon ladies

I thought I would pop in with my latest health news.

Yesterday I had an appointment with the oncologist at Glan Clwyd who informed me that she was going to put me on Hormone Therapy & not Chemotherapy.  This is in the form of one tablet a day along with one injection a month.  The injection is to help stop the bones from deteriorating.

I will be on the tablets - I am not sure of the injection - permanently.  So no chemo therefore no hair loss no need for wigs.

She showed me the bone scans & it also showed a lot of wear & tear on my shoulder & knee joints - to be expected at my age I suppose.  But the cancer cells were all in my spine & quite a lot of them too although each one smallish.

Bob & I are happier with this outcome & feel that the year is ending on a slightly better note than was originally thought. But the disease is there & we will beat it or at least control it for the best results for my well being.

The drug even so, will leave me rather fatigued & tired. Therefore I am going to leave you all to continue looking after your individual clubs - deciding on what you will do each night.  Where possible I will attend to join in what you have arranged.

In the meantime - in the background - I will continue to try & find you another workshop day.  I still haven't heard back from Wendy of Card-io Stamps but will try her again after Christmas. Also if I get any ideas I will put them forward & see if there is anyone willing to take them on for an evening.

That is me for today.  I still have some photos to load up so I promise I will get that up to date over the weekend.

'Bye for now.

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  1. What wonderfully comforting news that is! Hopefully it will mean a Merry Christmas for you all. We'll do our best at club and hope to see you when possible xx


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