Thursday, 6 April 2017

CSNW Photos

Good afternoon everyone.

There is only one set of photos from last nights CSNW meeting & they are of their Show & Tell cards where the challenge was the Black & White card with a Geometric design.

Here are their cards;

Grace is a fan of Zentangle & after creating the 4 six-sided shapes she filled them with zentangle patterns.  I love the way the corners complete the design.

Ruth cut squares & square frames from different patterned papers & added some cut out circles as well to create this lovely random design.

Clares design is definitely geometrical with different sizes of circles & hexagons, set on 4 large & 4 small triangles.

Isn't he cute! Although I have to admit my first glance at the card I was so taken with the circles above the foliage I thought they were representing flowers.  I did wonder why one had googly eyes on it. Then Gwen put me right when she said it was a caterpillar.  Of course it is - what was the matter with me.

Some more hexagons feature on Anns card & the 4 line frame really finishes the card design off nicely.

Joan took the geometric approach to the shape of her card as well.  A great double diamond gate-fold card with triangles.

Well done ladies.

There are not any photos from the evenings project - which was the drapery or curtain fold.  All the ladies finished making the 3 styles of drapes but there were not any finished cards.  So they are bringing them back next month.

I correct myself here - Joan did put one of her cards together, but I didn't get to photograph it, so that one will have to wait until next time as well.

That is my post for today. More tomorrow.

'Bye for now.

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