Monday, 15 May 2017

Amendment to post "Update on club meetings"

Good morning everyone.

I am just popping in this time to update information about the next Mold meetings extra to the earlier post.

For the Mold meeting this week (Thursday 18th), Joanna will show you the butterflies & I will show you the flowers at the June meeting so please don't lose them.  Bob will be popping in at the start of the meeting to bring you the paperwork for the June meeting & something for a raffle prize.

For the Mold II meeting (Tuesday 23rd) the project for the evening is, as I said in the earlier post, using the butterflies you were given to decorate. Joanna was going to be doing this demonstration but she has another commitment on her time, so Janet - whom you have met before with Joanna - will be covering the demonstration this time.
The other half of the evening that I would have been doing we will do in a couple of months time - so please don't lose your flowers.
Helen will be calling round to me on her way to the meeting & I will give her the paperwork for the June & July meetings & raffle prizes for the evenings. Rita will be giving the project for June & I am just waiting on information from her for what you will require.

For the CSNW meeting (Wednesday June 7th) - providing things have improved enough - we will be doing everything as we were going to do this month.  So treat your May programme sheet as your June programme sheet.

An update on ourselves - Bob is improving a little faster than me but he is not 100% by a long chalk. My chest seems to be easing a little - but like Bob I have no energy for very much at all. I don't expect the sudden weight loss helped either. Ooh, this getting older doesn't help either does it.

Enough of our ills & woes.  I hope you are all keeping healthy & look forward to seeing you all again soon.

I am going to try later today to put the photos from the last Mold meeting on here - very late & overdue.

'Bye for now.

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