Wednesday, 31 May 2017

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Good afternoon everyone

Today I am taking a break from catching up with showing you my recently made cards & bringing you a member news item.

This has come from Joanna of Mold club who sent it to me after I got back from holiday to use if I was short of things to show.  Evidently she had this & a couple of other items in a document to send me & had only just remembered to do so.

Here is what she said in the email she sent;

" I shall tell you here about the Make with Cake Janet and I attended:

I won an invite for myself and a friend to attend a 'Make with Cake' in Wrexham. I was hoping it would be at the Sizzix headquarters but instead it was held at a hotel (with the tightest, smallest car park you've ever seen!!!).  There were about 30 people there from as far away as London, guess we were the lucky ones only travelling a few miles.

We started the afternoon using the Big Shot to cut out letters and flowers to decorate a cushion cover (all materials provided) and the results were nice but with only two ironing boards and irons available to attach the die-cuts etc.. it was a long, rather tedious process.

We had a break for afternoon tea which was very nice and then made a card - a little child-like, nothing too skillful, but OK. It would have made more sense for the group to be split in half and do the projects separately to make better use of the ironing bit but...we all finished eventually.

We left with a goodie bag with papers, a die, embossing folder and a few other bits and bobs.

All pretty good for a Saturday afternoon :)"

Here is the cushion Joanna made;

Very pretty

& this is the die & embossing folder from her goodie bag.

Apart from having to wait for the iron it sounds like a great day.

Thank you for sending it in Joanna.

That is me for today - 'bye.

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