Monday, 11 June 2012

emptying cupboards .... such fun .....

..... maybe - maybe not.

Hello ladies I hope you all had a good & enjoyable weekend.  I spent mine as you can see above - emptying cupboards.  I am very fortunate to have a lot of cupboards on my landing some of which over the years have got filled with craft things.  The only thing is  - they have not been looked at for a while.  So this weekend was the start of correcting that fault.

Why did I buy this?  Why did I keep this?  Wonder what I was doing with this! Well! - so that is where that disappeared to!

Take a look at these

I had a passion at one time for polystyrene shapes - covering them in patchwork material, ribbon & as we can see here - sequins & ribbon.  I wonder what I made it for?  Was I going to give it to someone?  Did I make it for a raffle prize?

and this one?
I must have had a lot of patience.

Now I wonder what else I was going to put on this one ............ and ............... I wonder if I am going to find a box with the sequins & pins in so that I can finish it.

I re-discovered rolls of crepe paper!  I used to make my own crackers. 
I re-discovered loads of Christmas wrapping paper - seems I really didn't have a very good memory from one December to another.

Although very frustrating that I had left these cupboards so long in this way it was actually quite exciting & fun to open a box or bag & reveal what was inside. Photos of one of Bob's birthdays spent with my brother in the Isle of Man.  Everyone is sooooo young.  Photos of myself - even younger than that.  So now I have several scrapbook pages I must do.  I have been meaning to do a scrapbook "Book of Me" but kept putting it off - now I think I really must get down to it.

Enough about my slapdash cupboard contents.

Here are the photos of that gorgeous sunset as I left the CSNW meeting last Wednesday.

I stopped & took this one on the road from Rhuddlan to the A55 at St Asaph.
Couldn't see for a little while afterwards as I had looked directly into the sunlight. It looked much bigger in actual life.

For this one I pulled off the A55 & drove a little way down the road. This was taken looking across some fields & I only just caught it before the sun went altogether. The clouds were amazing.

Today I have had a meeting with the other ladies of the Stamp Festival committee sorting out a few things for September.  DON'T FORGET - the Autumn festival is on 29 September a bit earlier than usual.  

Tomorrow I am going to try & make some cards for the blog challenges that I have in the past entered.  I haven't joined in for a while - so thought it was about time I started again.  Plus there are birthday cards to be made.  Not forgetting wedding invitations.

That is me for today - more tomorrow & hopefully some photos of cards to show you.
'Bye for now have a great evening.

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  1. I have some of those sequin ornaments too! They come out every Christmas and I love em on the tree. There are some bells which my Mum absolutely adored so they always get a special placement where I can see them and think of her :)


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