Wednesday, 20 June 2012

holiday - day 1

Hello ladies

Well it has started.  My 2012 holiday.  Sorry! our 2012 holiday - seeing as Bob is here too.

After leaving home this morning we drove to Swansea where we met up with Bob's cousins. We then went to a restaurant down at the Marina for lunch.  It looked lovely as we approached & entered - but then I found the restaurant was on floor 28.  Now you must all know by now I am not good with heights.  Anyway they showed us to a table that was right by a window - but with high stools.  There is no way I could sit next to a window that high up & then on high stools.  So they found us a more standard table but I sat furthest away from the windows.  The view was spectacular across Swansea bay & our light lunch was fantastic. We had a really great 2-3 hours with them catching up on news & delighted to hear that they will be with us on our special day next April.

From Swansea we drove to Chard in Somerset where we are staying for the night & in the morning we are driving just a couple of miles to a village called Tatworth where we are visiting my elderly cousin & his wife, & then onwards to the New Forest for the night.

During the evening here in Chard we went to a local restaurant for a light meal - well it was reasonably light. In the price for a meal for 2 was a bottle of wine - & because Bob doesn't drink they gave me the bottle with the rest of the wine in - in a very nice canvas bottle bag.

Sadly after a really nice sunny day it is now raining quite hard.

Hope to write from the New Forest tomorrow - depends on the Internet link.

Hope you are all well.

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