Monday, 14 September 2015

A wedding card

Good evening ladies.

Finally - a card making session, but did I have problems!

I settled down this afternoon to make a wedding card for the young lady who looks after my nails when I have them done.  Over the weekend I tried to decide which one of the ideas I had in my  mind, I would use for the card.  I wanted to use a Crafter's Companion Die-sire Edge'able die that I have.  I had actually used it once before & remembered that I did have to run it through the machine a couple of times to get a good cut.

Not today!  It took me 3 goes to get anywhere near what I wanted & then when I started taking the die off the card it really hadn't cut all the way.  I thought I might be able to take the letters out carefully but it didn't work.  Some of them tore & left a ragged edge.  I wasn't going to be beaten so I took a slightly different approach.  Instead of cutting the die so that it would be on the score line of a folded edge I decided I would cut it & cut away the whole top area. I alos added a card shim just over the area of the idea that hadn'w cut properly before.  This really helped.

I used their own Centura Pearl card stock (300gsm).  They use it all the time on the TV demo's & the comment always is............. "look how well it cuts, how easy it comes out of the die".  Not for me it doesn't, & to be honest I have seen them struggle once or twice - but of course they already have a "blue peter" standby.

Anyway - I did make a card & here is the result;

It is quite a simple design.  The Centura pearl card that the die has been cut from is white with a hint of silver. Hence the slightly darker look over the base white card.  I chose it because her colours are silver & dusty pink.  I am hoping that the ribbon is about the same shade, & I also used it behind the words "wedding day" to lift it from the white card.  The little floral ribbon I have had for years & have it in other colours, so it was nice to use some of that as well.  Each flower has a little heart shaped "diamond" in the centre to add just a little bling.  After all the problems I was really pleased with it.

Tomorrow - I have the Golden Anniversary card to make, & I had been planning to use another of those Edge'able dies.  I am having second thoughts now.  But we will see.

That's me for tonight. Night night.


  1. Cheap nappy sacks between the die & card are supposed to work but not tried myself xx

    1. Well! I have never heard of that Clare & I certainly have plenty of nappy sacks (for some reason or other). Will give it a try & let you all know how I get on


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