Wednesday, 2 September 2015

More craft channels!

Hi everyone - yes more craft channels on TV.

I expect those of you who keep up to date will all ready have found HOCHANDA (what a name!) it stands for ................. Home of Crafts Hobbies and Art.

You can find it on Sky - channel 662; Freesat - channel 822 & Freeview - channel 39.

There is also another one starting - possibly later this month - that is called The Craft Channel. I did see what the channels were somewhere, possibly in a magazine - will look it out later. Freesat 844 rings bells.

I have had a quick look at Hochanda & must say I am not too impressed.  The first thing that stuck out (& Bob commented on it as well) is the lighting is wrong, not a very clear picture at all.

Still will reserve final judgement after I have given it a fair hearing - or should that be watching.

Off to CSNW tonight - so will report back later.
'Bye for now.

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  1. I cannot get my head around the name Hochanda - I know what it stands for but it doesn't roll off the tongue nicely! They've had a lot of teething troubles I know, I've watched it once or twice but am not smitten yet.


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