Friday, 23 February 2018

Club(s) workshop for 2018?

Good evening everyone.

I thought I would pop back again today to talk about a workshop for all 3 clubs this year.

Before I went into hospital I contacted Wendy of Card-io again regarding a workshop with her, & I am afraid to say have not had an answer.  I was talking to Liz (the lady who runs the stamp festival at Port Sunlight) just after Christmas & she is having trouble getting a response from Card-io as well.  But she did tell me that Wendy has purchased an old garden centre & is opening her business there, so she will obviously be very busy.  She hopes to open it in the spring, which I have seen noted on her website.

I won't give up on getting hold of Wendy regarding a workshop - but it looks like it may take some time.  I will talk to Liz again in the next few days & see if she has heard from her.

In the meantime Elizabeth who gave us that great workshop last October has said she would be delighted to come & visit us again.  So perhaps you would all like to think about this & let me know how you feel. 

Would you like to  have Elizabeth again - or would you like to wait for Wendy bearing in mind it could be quite a wait.  Or perhaps you know of someone else who would come out one Saturday. Let me know.

Organising a workshop for you I can do from the comfort of my armchair, along with my computer & phone.  😀

Take care


  1. Hi,
    Loved Elizabeth’s workshop-would be really happy to have another one. Sounds like Wendy will be busy for a while. 😃

  2. I second this - really enjoyed Elizabeth's style and enthusiasm and would happily attend another one.


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