Friday, 9 February 2018

my notelets box

Good morning everyone.

What a strange morning weather wise.  When I went down to the local hospital for my blood test it was blowy & cold. On the way there - & it is only 10 / 15 minutes away - it started to rain with sleet which then turned to snow.  When I came out about 15 minutes later the sun was out, then just as we got home it began to snow again.  Now the sun is trying to break through.  You just don't know what outdoor clothing to put on do you!

Anyway! Enough about the weather. 

This morning I have the photos of my finished box with notelets.  I showed you the notelets in their early stages HERE.  Now I have finished the box & it is complete - all ready for a raffle prize.

Here is the box.

I had decided to decorate with flowers that I was going to make - but that seemed a little over the top when I tried it with a couple I already had.  Then going through the box with the flowers in I spotted these - they are Dreamees stamps & I had stamped & cut out quite a few ready for making into flowers.  When I saw them laid out on my desk I decided to use them flat as a border. Later I remembered I had this rather "Just a note" stamp - so I used that.

Here is the box with the lid off - showing the cards inside.

It was a very simple design to make despite me getting one set of measurements wrong on the lid on the first attempt.  

As I said this is for a raffle prize & I am going to make another box for another set, then the rest I will just hold together with some nice ribbon.  But they do look nicer in the box - so I may do them all like those above - or I might look for another style of easy box.

Once again the weekend is upon us I hope you have a lovely couple of days.  Take care if this weather turns icy or snowy.

'Bye for now.

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