Sunday, 15 April 2018

a weekend project

Good evening everyone I hope you have been having a nice weekend.

This weekend I decided to work on one project.  I suspect that if I had started it earlier in the day on Saturday & was a little more prepared with everything ready on my desk I may very well have made it in a day.  But I don't work that way at the moment & I don't work all day continuously - so it took me across the weekend to make.

When I was looking for inspiration for the "special" mini album I am making I came across another design which I thought I would like to try.  So I put it on my list of things to do & it was this weekend I decided to have a go.

The project was to make a "One Sheet Wonder" mini album.  It is made in one piece from a sheet of 12 x 12 card.  In reality you need 2 sheets of the same 12 x 12 card as when you start making it you realise that if it is going to hold tags & other things they are best made from the same card.  It would also be a good idea to think about how many tags you were making & how many sheets of decorative paper you would need for the whole project.  I didn't initially, & that is why it took a little longer as I had to look amongst my paper stash to find other papers that would go with my idea.  So, some time lost.

However I have finished it, & thought I would show it to you.

Basically it is a 3-fold album with pockets & flaps;

This is the front cover.
I haven't tied the ribbon bow very well because I don't want to keep tying & untying it.
Whilst I was looking for some more papers to use I found a book of alphabets I had forgotten about & thought these letters were just right for it.

This shows the front cover opened up along with the third page which is folded over to the left & covering the central inside page.
As you can see the left hand page has a flap - there is another photo later.
The right hand page has a small pocket with 2 tags.

In this photo I have folded back the third page which uncovers the second or central page.
The central page has a pocket with 2 tags in & a flap, another view below.

This is another view of the first & second (central) page with the flaps opened up.
In the first page there is a pocket with a tag & in the second (central) page there is the pocket with the 2 tags as was shown in the photo above.  But now the tag in the main pocket can be seen.
For this central pocket I used magnets to fasten the flap closed.
I did toy with the idea of magnets on each of the flaps but decided for the first album just the one set was enough.

This photo shows the central page again along with the third page with the flap up showing the tag

This is the back of the album
It is also the back of the central page.

At this stage I have left the back of the tags plain, but keep thinking whether I want to put decorative paper on those as well.  Will give it some thought.

So all in all a cute little album which I am pleased with & it is capable of holding seven photos if you only put one on each tag.  If you use the other side as well then it can hold another seven, plus there are 2 pocket fronts that could each hold a photo  - making a total of 16 photos.  Of course the two main pocket fronts or the backs of the tags could be used for journaling instead.

I kept the design without embellishments as I am giving it to a colleague for their fund raising tombola stall.

I enjoyed doing this little project & already have papers on my desk for another.  Just need 2 sheets of 12 x 12 the same colour & to work out sizes & amounts of designer paper before I start.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend.
'Bye for now.


  1. Lovely Gloria, you have been busy :)

  2. This is a comment sent to me via email - from Rita;

    "The photo album is nice I like the flaps on it. Good one for club night"


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