Thursday, 12 April 2018

Just chatting

Hi everyone sorry there has been 3 days since I last blogged but as I said some weeks ago I am not being as creative (quantity wise) as I usually am so I don't have much of my own work to show you. Plus it is amazing how quick the various hospital visits come around & seem so close to each other.

I am just back from one of my monthly visits to Glan Clwyd this morning.  I have been attending a little more than once a month due to different things but gradually as I pass the initial introduction of my stronger medication the visits will settle down to once a month.  Which will be nice.

Also this week I attended my check up at the Lymphoedema clinic.  My arm has gone down a little since the operation but still more than it should be, so the decision has been made for me to wear a sleeve, for a while, to assist this.  That actually arrived in the post today so I now have to make an appointment to visit the clinic at Colwyn Bay to be shown how to apply it.

It's all go.

A short while ago I showed you a photo of items on my desk ready for making a mini album.  Well, I have started it.  The pages will be envelopes glued together & they will have pockets with either top loading or side loading - much like the mini album we made with Carolyn.  Also I have used a file folder for the base - leaving it folded in half for strength.

I have glued the envelopes closed & cut the finger hole in the appropriate place & they will later be attached to the binding system.  I had a good look around T'internet to get ideas for different ways to attach the envelopes to the spine & found several ladies making a "stack the deck" system. So for this album I am trying this idea.  In fact I put it together yesterday.

I have drawn up a plan as to how I would like each page to look & so now have to gather together the decorative papers, envelopes to make pockets, other styles of pockets, fastenings etc.  It is all well in hand.  I already know what I am doing for the front cover.  This is going to be a mini album for a special reason & therefore I won't be able to show you any photos for a while.  Sorry! 

Knowing how much nicer the blog looks with photos - so here is a lovely one of our grandson when he was out helping Mummy do the shopping.  In fact I decided to show you all 3.

He is just so gorgeous - but then of course I am biased.

Tomorrow I have a member showcase for you.
Take care everyone
'Bye for now.,

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