Tuesday, 24 April 2018

mold photos - part 2

Hi everyone  -  just got back in from visit to hospital so thought before I get involved in anything else, or fall asleep, I would write this blog post & show you the second set of photos from the Mold club meeting last Thursday.

The project was a really sweet pop up card - for which I cannot find a proper name. Different people give it sightly different names & of course to search the Internet for pop up cards you get loads!

The evening was taken by Joan - it was supposed to be Rachel & Joan but Rachel was poorly & couldn't attend & I don't think Joan was feeling too bright either.  So I  hope you both are feeling better now.

Here are the samples that Joan & Rachel made ;

They are beautiful

and here are the cards made by the ladies;

3 views of Clare's card
This is such a cute design

Janet's card
Those colours are really lovely - delicate & bold all in one.

Ooh! - looks like Joanna's sister is getting this one.
Love the backgrounds & the belly band is a good idea to keep it closed

There is something very striking about black & white & you can see the belly band laying down on the side in the top photo.

Rhiannon - a lovely clean & fresh card with a musical theme.
I really like that sentiment - it's true isn't it!

Sheelagh has chosen some lovely bright colours for her card
I like the mixed media style piece on the bottom of the card in the middle photo. & what a great use of buttons.

Yvonne's card is another lovely black & white one.
Oh yes, we all need to believe in the magic.

A big thank you to Joan for taking this project & for Rachel preparing the notes & samples - it was a lovely project & I am going to be trying that one.

Thank you also, once again to Joanna for the photos,

Tonight is the Mold II club night & I will be popping in briefly to say hello.  I was thinking of staying for a while but after the long visit to the hospital I am left very tired.  But, still I can manage a short visit.

That is me for today ladies - 'Bye for now.

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