Tuesday, 17 April 2018

member showcase

Good afternoon on a rather wet damp day.  Excuse me! but where is that heat wave they promised.

Today it is time for another member showcase & surprise surprise once again it is Rita. I think we need to find what Rita's secret is in getting published so often.

Her card was featured in this months issue of Creative Stamping - Issue 56. Its a great stamping magazine with a full A4 sheet of stamps with each issue.

Well done again Rita

That's me for today as I have already had a busy morning attending the Lymphoedema clinic. I have to start wearing a compression sleeve on my right arm to help control the swelling.  It was a bit uncomfortable having it put on by the nurse - for the first time - but she assures me it gets easier.  That will definitely be "another" job for Bob then! 😉don't think I could do it myself.

'Bye for today.

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