Friday, 6 April 2018

Get set! .......... Ready! ...........

........... no ...........  not "Go",  just yet.

Good evening everyone - what on earth is she on about - I can hear you thinking.

Well, after some research & thinking I have decided how I am going to make one of the albums that I want to make.

Here are the basic items for the project already on my desk for tomorrow's start;

A file folder, some kraft card, some manilla envelopes & some lovey hessian ribbon.

Unfortunately all the items are a slightly different colour but this won't matter that much once the album is being put together, along with decorative papers.  Although I must admit I am thinking of buying kraft envelopes to get the colour closer. I think I would be happier in the long run.

I did have a crafting session yesterday working on a card that I am going to be putting forward as a project for the clubs this year.  So I won't be showing you a photo of it just yet as I am currently working on the notes to go with it.  It is a fairly easy card but the description of one stage I just can't get quite right & clear - so hope to be testing it by asking Bob at the weekend.  It is another fold flat for posting card. So watch this space.

Here we are at another weekend so I hope once again that you have something really nice to fill the time.  Have fun.

That's me for now.  'Byee!

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