Saturday, 21 April 2018

Play day

Good evening everyone.

This afternoon I have had a play day - well half day actually.

I went into my craft room to make a particular card, then thought I would make one of the "easy" cards I had seen on the Internet recently - to get warmed up.

I used designer paper for the main decorative part - something I do when first trying a project, but did manage to stamp on them as well.

When I had made the card I had a reasonable amount of card & paper left over - so went to put it in my "bits" box, then thought - if I do that it will possibly stay there for some time.  After all, that is how we get a bits box.  So for a change, I decided to see what sort of card I could make instead.

Here are the 2 cards & the first one was the one I went into my craft room to make;-

In this photo the card doesn't look anything particularly special
but the difference shows in the next photo.

This the  card stood up & open.

I have to say I was a little disappointed in the way that it seems to lean forwards a little. Perhaps if the back was shorter than the front it might sit better.  I might try another one without decoration to see if that is so.

Here is a side on view

The front of the card has a panel on each side cut from the bottom edge to the centre fold.  These are then decorated & glued flat leaving the central panel to create the open card.

I rather like it & it makes a change.

Here is the card I made from the left overs;

There was a big enough piece of the base card left over to make a landscape card.

As you can see I used some of the designer paper to create a panel on the front & inside the fron right hand edge. Then trimmed a little off the front open edge away to reveal some designer paper on the inside.
From another couple of strips I stamped out some small "Dreamees" floral stamps & cut them out mounting 2 sizes together.  I used pearl drops for the centre of the flowers & also 3 little pearl shapes top & bottom of the card.

On both cards I used the sentiment "Just because" so that they could be used for any occasion.  In the photos the base card looks blue but in fact was green.

You may like to make that top card at one of your evenings - let me know.

That's me for today I have photos from the Mold club meeting on Thursday to show you which I will do tomorrow.

'Bye for now.

Oh... by the way ... I didn't get around to starting the card I actually went in to make.  So that is the task tomorrow after showing the club photos.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

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