Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Another card

Good evening ladies

The card I have to show you tonight is my card to Bob for Valentine's Day;

On a separate piece of card I embossed the heart panel - they are along the bottom part of the card. I then die cut a heart, a flourish & the words Valentine & Husband.  The heart was then popped into an embossing folder to add texture.  A red ribbon about one-third of the way up &3 red gems were added & layered onto the scallop edged based card.

Amongst the time spent on creating cards - so far this week I have also spent about 2.5 hours each day continuing with the wedding sampler cross stitch I am doing for Elayne & Gareth.  I hadn't touched it for a little while whilst I had this awful cough (especially when it was really bad) as I didn't want to cough all over the sampler. 

It has been quite a few years since I have done any cross stitch - so once again I am reminded how little seems to get done at a time.  After 2.5 hours you look at the progress you have made & it doesn't seem to make much of a mark on the whole of the design.  But at least I know that there also comes a point when it suddenly seems to all come together.  I am not there just yet.  The biggest problem is light - so now that the days are brighter & for a little longer I can sit near the window & get as much light as possible.  I have fund it quite relaxing too.

Tomorrow is club night for the Mold group - so in the morning I must make sure everything is to hand.  I hope they (the centre that is) remember that we will be there - as it will be far too cold to stand around outside.

That's me - 'bye for now.

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