Wednesday, 24 February 2016

mold II photos - part 1

Good afternoon ladies

Here I am with the first set of photos from last night's Mold II club meeting.  This set is of their Show & Tell cards where the theme or challenge was to make a card using, and/or depicting anything to do with the letter R.

Here are their cards;

The first card is by Betty & her theme was R for Rose.
I love this one-layer style its very pretty (although Betty admitted that due to smudges it is in fact not one layer - but the intention was there in the first place). Great colours.

Annette's choice is R for Romance
Aren't they just adorable - lovely clean & crisp card.

Liz also chose R for Rose & what a beauty it is too.

Elma's R was for Roaming & reflects a trip to France.
The collage picture is matted onto a map - great idea.

Elizabeth made 2 cards - the top one is R for Rocking Horse. & I know that she decorated inside & the back which I should have remembered & photographed that as well.
The second card is R for Rose - what beautiful colours.
Elizabeth does like her mirri card so I hope I haven't got too much of myself reflected in it.

Dot's really cute card is R for Risque & she has used a stamp of a lady in a bathing suit
& decorated it to look like a litttle cheeky dress & has drawn lines on the legs for net tights.
I expect if you click on the card & enlarge you might be able to read the verse.

Carolyn also used a road map on her card - her R is for Roadster.
That Happy Birthday die-cut is very elegant, isn't it.

Carols card reflects a "condition" she is waiting to enjoy in July
Her R is for Retirement - as can be seen.

Sylvia has gone for R for Romance on her card & rather cleverly the tree & it's branch make the lower case letter r

Lin made 2 cards - the top one is R for Rain.  Just love the cat in its wellies.
The second card is R for Rock chick.
Aren't those dancing images great?

Well done ladies that was a great selection of ideas.

Now last month Lin (whose 2 cards you have just seen) made the cards for January's Show & Tell & then didn't get to the meeting.  I suggested that she bring them along to this one - so here they are. The theme was a card from a sketch;

A great use of the diamond in the sketch - framing the sentiment.

A great card for a man.
I thought when I spotted the sketch it would be ideal for mens cards because of the more angular finish.  Two good cards Lin - thank you for bringing them in.

This mornig I had one of my crochet workshops & was very pleased to see 3 of the ladies having completed the set project - a scarf - even though they didn't have to get it finished by today's workshop.

That's me for today  I will be back tomorrow with the photos from the evenings project.

'Bye for now.

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