Sunday, 21 February 2016

Follow on to Mold photos - part 2

Hi - it's me again. I was just looking through the blog for something when I noticed that in the previous post about Mold photos - there was a photo missing.

It's right at the end where I show the samples I worked on - this one was missing;

The flowers on the left I had merely painted with the Brushos, having first stamped & embossed them in white EP.  I did this to show another way the Brushos can be used - but also because I was hoping to make a background that they would look good on.  I didn't get that far.

The dragonfly - I am pleased with. It was just a scrap of ard with the blue paint on so I stamped the dragonfly in black archival ink.  Then I took a little of the yellow paint & tipped it on my kraft sheet then picked it up with a water brush - turning it into watercolour paint. Very carefully I coloured sections of the wings & body & of course because the base was blue when I painted with yellow it turned it green.  But also it changed it to different shades of green depending onhow much blue I was going over, & as can be seen where there was no base colour - it comes out yellow.  I will probably cut that out & use it on an art page.

Right - I am off again.

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