Monday, 8 February 2016

Some cards

Good afternoon ladies & what another miserable day - weather wise.

Today I have photos of some cards I have gradually put together over the last few days.  Do you remember this design?

We used it for the pointillism project back in 2014 - or possibly early 2015 for some of you. Recently I showed the technique to my rubber stamp workshop group at the Garden Centre, & whilst looking out the design for them found that I still had quite a few copies.  Well, they couldn't go to waste could they?

So! I trimmed them down & coloured them in, then matted them on to black card, followed by coloured card, then onto a black base card.  All except one that is.

Here is the first one;

I used some rather nice felt-tip pens on this one, but actually wasn't that impressed with the finish - until I matted & layered it.  I like it a little more now.

Next came these two;

To colour these I used my pearlescent water colour paints. Very pleased with these.

I said I had made one that was different;

I left this one uncoloured & just matted & layered with black & white card.  Also I have not put any sentiment on it.  I am holding this one in my stash for a sympathy card - it would be lovely if I don't have to use it, but!

Should I need to use it - other than as a sympathy card - it will be easy to add some colour.

I still have some of this design left - so will probably make a few more - that gets me well set up for any unexpected birthdays.

I am off now to see what else I have got sitting about that can be used up.  Ah!, yes - I have an idea.

That's me for now, keep dry, warm & safe.

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