Friday, 12 February 2016

just chatting

Good morning ladies - I hope you are all well.

I am sorry that I didn't write anything on the blog yesterday. In the morning I had a rubber stamping workshop - which was great fun & in the afternoon I went & had my hair tidied up a bit. But when I got home I was whacked.  This part cold that I seemed to have picked up has had quite an adverse effect on the way I have been feeling & I am devoid of energy & very tired.  I am surprised I actually managed to last the workshop.

Today I don't intend doing anything that requires physical energy - its quite possible some creative energy is required but we will see.

My workshop yesterday was showing my ladies the Brusho paints - they were the guinea pigs for when I show it to you. They thoroughly enjoyed it & I am hoping you will too when its your turn.  I turned one of my little pieces into a sample to put on your projects photo page - which I will do when I have finished writing this.

I also need too update the club pages with the information on the new couple of months & what you will be doing.  I am hoping to do some, if not all, of that today.

I will pop back & let you know when it is done - now I have a couple of cards to make as well. So! 'Bye for now.

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