Sunday, 21 February 2016

Mold photos - part 2

Good morning everyone & a nice blustery day it is too. Should get the washing dry.

Right - onto Mold photos.  This time they are of the play that the ladies had on Thursday when I introduced Brusho Crystal Paints.  I say introduced because one or two ladies had already got them, & a couple had a different product but the end use the same.

I did provide some watercolour card, some glossy card & some plain white card - I am not sure how many used those items, but anyway pieces of card were cut up & play began.

Very briefly - Brusho Crystal Paints come in powder form & when it meets water all sorts of magic happens.

The first set of work is from Joan

Look carefully ladies & use your imagination on how these would be used. I can see flowers.
Joan also made .......

....... this card with one of her pieces.  This is what I mean about imagination.
Doesn't that look like some tall yellow flowers in amongst grasses?

Next is Rhiannon's two pieces

That beautiful silhouette head stamp always works well with fancy backgrounds......

..... & Rhiannon's second design went on to become a card.

Next we have Joanna's work

If I have remembered correctly I took these two pieces together because the one with the flowers was built over a base like the right hand one.
I am sure Joanna will tell me if I have remembered incorrectly.

These 2 pieces are also from Joanna/
There's those raindrops again - they do look good, don't they.
Oh dear I am definitely weakening toward buying that set.

The following pieces are from Lynn

In this photo the pieces have been created by using stencils with the paints.
The one on the right had the Brushos sprinkled through the stencil then spritzed with water.
The left one is created by quickly turning the stencil over & placing it on a piece of card to get the reverse image.

These two are just random spritzing & adding colours.
I love that right hand one - it would make a great base page for an art journal

Some more designs from Lynn.
The large piece is probably through the stencil again - or - could possibly be the resist technique.
Perhaps you will let me know Lynn.

The next set is from Janet

Wow! look at that.

Two lovely "scenes" from Janet here.
Will look forward to seeing these mounted onto card fronts - possibly - hmm Janet?

a set of random patterns - still Janet's work
I think that bottom one would be brilliant for a winter scene - or - 
crashing waves. You almost expect to see a surfer coming through the 2 waves.

& finally two more random patterns from Janet

Everyone seemed to enjoy this product & the various techniques - but there is still quite a lot more can be done with these paints.  I really hope that some of these trial pieces will appear on cards somewhere, or just mounted & brought to club night so we can all see what they went on to become.

Finally in this post, I was asked to include the pieces I had made during the demo - so I am going to do that & then later sometime they will be converted into cards & I will take photos & show them to you.

As you know when I demo something like this I usually use just small pieces of card - but even so sometimes there is good results that an then be used later;

I used the paints on this one as a colour wash - but then played around putting doing all sort of things with it..  First I placed a stencil on it & spritzed water through. I then left it to dry a little before removing the stencil. The design had just started to "bleach" out of the background. After a while I dabbed it with a tissue - but think I did it to early & so the design didn't come through so well.  See! impatience doesn't get you anywhere. Then I added some more colours on it - it really got out of hand.  But I am hoping that trimmed own & with stamps or something added to it there will be a decent image there.

On this one I tried the through the stencil approach (that's the one on the left) & then flipped the stencil over to get the second image. I had grabbed a piece of card quickly & hadn't noticed that it already had some paint on it.  This method is really good & gives you both the positive & negative of a design.

There you are.  That's me for today. Hopefully more to show you tomorrow.  'Bye for now.

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