Monday, 12 November 2018

A frustrating day

Good morning everyone.

Yes! I had a frustrating day yesterday.  I had decided it would be day of card making - in particular Christmas cards & I was full of ideas.

My first idea was to make some cards with the freebie on issue 183 of Simply Cards & Papercraft. It is the issue before the current one.  The freebie has among the collection stamps & a die of some lovely baubles, there were a few articles using the stamps & dies so there was plenty of inspiration to get started.  Oh no - those stamps did not create what it said in the magazine.  I am going to put a photo here that I took of my stamping & one of the articles showing what they said they would do.

The instructions said to ink the stamp with a particular ink which is the same as Versamark (a clear ink).  That is what I did.  You stamp it onto coloured card & then sprinkle white EP over it & heat it.

Now, you do not need 20/20 vision to see from the photo that this is not the case.  The photo from the magazine has both those images stamped onto teal coloured paper, & you can see that the snowflakes are white.  Also on the long bauble the collar of it (in the magazine) is white from the EP but mine is red with the snowflakes white, as is the bottom snowflake.  I think you can click on the photo & get a larger version to see better.

It is obvious to me that my stamp set is faulty - the snowflakes should be proud of the background but they are not - they are cut into the background.  It also means that the snowflakes at the top of the long one are proud & that is why they have stamped. But I think that collar shoule have been white with coloured snowflakes.  Look at the magazine article.

I was so disappointed that I went onto Facebook & found Phill Martins page (they are his stamps) & left a message much as I have written above.  Then I spotted a lady with a Facebook page that had made one of the samples for the magazine & left her a message too.  By this morning - no replies or comments.  So finally I went to the magazine Facebook page & left the same message there.  So - I now wait & see.

There were still Christmas cards to be made so I picked up another magazine freebie - this time from Sophie's Stamps.  There was some frustration with them at first because it was almost impossible to remove the stamps from the thin acetate mat they were on.  But after quite a struggle & some "choice" words I managed.  My first idea didn't work - I think I was trying to be too arty considering the fact I was in a bit of a mood by then.  But her Poinsettia spray worked really well & I ended up making seven really nice cards.  So that has encouraged me to continue today.  I was able to use them in different ways & have some more ideas for today's session.  So it did turn out a good day in the end.

By the way - has anyone else bought that issue (183 Simply Cards & Papercraft)?  If so have you tried the stamps yet.  Please let me know how it went.

Right! I will get down off my soap box now & go & make some cards.

Have a good day.
'Bye for now.

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  1. Can't see your comment on Phill's page but looking at the visitor comments he never answers any of them even the ones asking for help
    Not good customer service
    I've had a nightmare with the dies not being able to snip them without very sharp bits but not tried the stamps yet but will asap


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