Sunday, 16 November 2014

A great "me" day

Good evening everyone

Well, today I had a really great "me" day.  I went with Caroline to "Inkymits" run by Maria Simms to create another canvas.  The draw factor for me this time was that the basis was going to be black.

I had seen on the Internet some canvases done with a black base but they had used Bitumen (that's tar isn't it?) - but not at this workshop.

I have some progress photos for you;

This is the first stage - a blank canvas - some dictionary paper (ooh - I know) & some embossed card.
I can deal with the dictionary paper as it wasn't me that ripped it out the book.

Next stage - layout all the bits in a nice design

Then the following stage is stick it all down in place.
The difference this time to previous canvases is the layered pieces rather than just one layer.
So there are cogs placed on top of cogs.
You will notice it is slightly different to the previous photo.  I was a bit quick thinking in taking that previous photo as it meant I could refer to it when I got to this stage.  But then it never goes to plan does it.

Next - the REALLY worrying stage.  Cover it all in black acrylic paint.
OK - I know there are some patches not covered - but that doesn't matter.

At this stage we had to let the paint dry - so it was time for a browse around the shop & of course have lunch.

This photo shows the addition of gold shimmer paint to highlight some of the raised pieces - which is mainly the embossed papers, the crinkled dictionary pages & just a little here & there on the embellishments.

By this stage I have added highlight colours of antique bronze & a dark brown shimmer paints.
I forgot to make a note of the name of the dark brown paint.

I wanted this canvas to sit compatible with the "antiqued" other canvas & mirror I made some time back - so that they could be grouped together.  So the next colour was a sort of Russet colour.
From then on it was play with the colours - which were dry brushed on - to get the desired effect.

& here it is.

I went back in with some of the colours already used to bring everything through & finally went back in with the gold to make some things pop.  There are also 4 little clear beads on there - I have one in my bag as really those sort of embellishments are better in odd numbers.  
So I need to find where to put it.

I am seriously thrilled with this - it surpassed what I was expecting to be able to  produce.

That's me.  I hope you had a good weekend.
More tomorrow.


  1. FABulous Gloria, I love it. It appeals to the 'steampunk' part of me :)

  2. That is fantastic work.


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