Thursday, 4 August 2016

csnw photos - part 1

Good afternoon everyone.

This afternoon I have a couple of photos from the Show & Tell at last nights CSNW meeting. The challenge was for cards inspired by the letter R;

From Joan the card was the letter R with roses & a red heart on it. Reading the sentiment I wonder if Joan made this card for her son to give to his girlfriend.  Or for some another man to give to his lady.

Claire's card is Relax - & that does look very relaxing - I could do with one of those right now.

Gwen also went for relaxing & I would say this young man is definitely relaxed.

Very good ladies.  This challenge was left over from July when I couldn't get to the meeting. Thank you for bringing them back ladies.  Also at that meeting some more Bendy cards were made & I think they are going to be brought to the next meeting for me to see.

I may be back later with the photos from the evenings project.
'Bye for now.

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