Friday, 11 November 2016

Some different photos

Good afternoon everyone.

Today I thought I would take a break from showing photos of cards & show you some photos I took this morning of ... the world outside.

First thing I noticed when I looked out over our garden was the patterns in the sky - real feathery clouds;

What about that beautiful blue sky!

Then at about 9:00 I had to go down to the garden centre for a workshop & it was when I went out to the car that the lovely clear night that had preceded this lovely bright morning had brought the first frosts. It was when I got in to start the car that I spotted the frost patterns --- so I got out & as I had my camera with me for the workshop I took some photos.

This one is taken from outside the car.

When I got back in the car I thought the definition was clearer - so I took those 2 from inside.
They were so pretty it was such a shame that I had to start the car & put the heater & windscreen wipers on & watch it gradually disappear.

I think I mentioned yesterday - that today in the garden centre workshop I was going to show the folk art technique. Tomorrow I will show you the samples I made for it. I really enjoyed playing with it again - might dabble some more.

'Bye for now - have a great weekend.


  1. How great to see the beauty in a frost :) Lovely photos Gloria, reminds me of our bedroom windows when I was a child - I would often awake to find the inside of our windows looking like that, used to get dressed hugging the coal fire downstairs :)

    1. I remember those frosted bedroom windows too.


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