Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Just chatting

Hi everyone
Sorry, I am a bit late today.

I had a very good evening with my demo at my Happy Stampers club meeting last night.  I really enjoyed it myself - even after going through it all 3 times. I have scheduled the same project into your programmes over the next couple of months.  The difference being I will show you by demonstrating but you will then be having a go.  Last night was just demos.

But, I had a really awful journey home, as the heavens opened & it was almost impossible to see the traffic in front of you.  The temperature had dropped drastically as well & it was really cold. So much so that the rain hitting the windscreen was looking a bit flaky & my car popped up a message to tell me to beware of ice.

Earlier today I received an email from Carolyn (of Mold II) to let me know that two of the Mold II ladies had been featured in another of the regular paper craft magazines.  So I will pick a copy up tomorrow so that I can feature them here.  I tried this afternoon but Tesco's in Mold didn't have any.

Tomorrow I am off out with our daughter-in-law Nadine.  We are off to Boundary Mill, I am looking for new clothes,  I have also discovered a rather nice craft shop (more like a mini supermarket) just before we get there - so will be stopping off to see what they have.

More tomorrow - hopefully with those magazine features.
Sleep well.  Good night.

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