Wednesday, 9 May 2018

club pages updates

Good morning - just popping in to say that this morning I am updating the club pages & the project photos page.

I have just completed the update for Mold club for May & will be gradually updating the other clubs throughout the morning.

I also want to take this chance of asking those of you who like to leave comments & use the "anonymous" option to do so - to please make sure your name is on the end of the message - perhaps in bold, capitals or colour to make it stand out.

I will try & explain briefly. 

When you leave a comment it goes into a file called "waiting moderation". Now none of you would leave "nasty" comments but the blog does get read by other than club people & they can leave comments too.  The moderation setup allows me to check the messages before they hit the blog post & approve them for publication.

There is also another file which the blog has which catches any spam messages, & believe me with a title to the blog that has the word rubber - well you can possibly imagine.  But over the last 6 months they are not the comments that we are getting it is just spammers who write anything under "anonymous" so that is difficult to have them pushed into the spam file - they are going into waiting moderation. So, I have to check them all to look for any that you may have written.

Usually it is easy to spot your comments because of what you are saying - but because also there are so many, & I get about 30 a day, it would be easy of me to not spot yours.  I wouldn't want you to think I was ignoring your comments.

Thank you.

Right back to updating the other page.

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