Thursday, 3 May 2018

my recent special card

Good afternoon everyone.

This afternoon I am showing you the recent "Special" card I had to make - namely - our anniversary.

I found that my photo editor has a blur function so I have been able to blur out my sentiments so that they remain between Bob & I.

I had been watching a rather interesting You Tube video for a mini album & loved the way the lady produced a kinetic page. I watched it to make sure I really understood how it worked & decided I would use it for my anniversary card.

You may remember that as Bob & I have been together for a while & always celebrated our anniversary of meeting, then when we got married it meant in effect that we had 2 anniversaries.  So I tried to see that the cards I made from then on reflected that.  So this was the way I managed this year;

A view of the front - showing the way I dealt with celebrating 2 anniversaries

With the front fold turned back
The little heart in the middle of the 4 hearts has a gold "5" on it
The fact that it ended up with 5 hearts purely coincidental, but fitting.

With the second flap turned back & this heart has a gold "33" on it

The third flap turned back showing the backing on the front cover.

The inside had a 2-page insert & because the paper I used wouldn't go across completely I lined the fold with some of that paper you can see in the photo above.

It is a complete fluke that the border pattern on the 3 flaps more or less lines up.  I stamped by eye & got a lovely surprise when they were so close.

Heavens! what I am going to be able to come up with next year!

How those flaps fit I am going to keep a secret for a while.  But perhaps when I can manage a whole club night I might show you how to do it.

Last night was the May meeting for the CSNW club ladies - so I am looking forward to seeing some photos of the project they chose.  I was not there last night so haven't seen them at all.

That is all I have for today - so more tomorrow!
'Bye for now.


  1. A lovely Anniversary card Gloria, Glad you had a lovely time away. I wonder did you know our Rachel Body had a letter printed in Creative Stamping. Thank you for thanking me for the cakes at Christmas. blindly that sounds a bit like the beginning of a song see you soon xx Rhiannon

  2. Gorgeous Gloria, I hope he was delighted and impressed ;)


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