Tuesday, 8 May 2018

member showcase

Good afternoon everyone - what a shame - it's raining.  But then we always need rain to keep this country looking green.  But today we, that is Bob & I, didn't want rain as we are having a new roof put on our summerhouse.

I have been out for a while this morning but now that I am back they seem to have managed to get it covered just as the rain started.  Already it is looking much smarter.

Right!  A member showcase.

This morning I had an email from Sheelagh of Mold club.  This is what she said;

                "   Hello Gloria, this is just a warning to be careful when you give a handmade 
                    present to someone!! They might like it so much that they think it would be great 
                   to give one to someone else !!!

At first when I read it I took it as a warning from Sheelagh that when you make someone a handmade present they might like it so much they would give it to someone else.  See, I read it too quick.  When I read it again & also thought of an earlier email from Sheelagh I realised what she was saying.

You may possibly remember that after we had the Saturday workshop with Elizabeth Robinson last October & decorated a tissue box cover, Sheelagh asked me where she could get some more boxes as a friend had shown an interest in them.

Having found a supplier Sheelagh sent me a photo of the box she had made. I did blog it - but here it is again;

What Sheelagh was saying was - beware as "others" may like to have you make one for someone else.  

Seems Sheelagh didn't say NO! - or if she did she shook her head the wrong way!

Wow Sheelagh - there's 20 of them!

What a star you are - they look great - well done.

I was thinking of doing a couple for raffle prizes - I am not so sure now - don't think I could do 20!

So there you are ladies - think before you make.

That's me for today - 'bye for now.

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