Friday, 26 October 2018

Some Christmas cards

Good evening everyone.

Today I have had a good card making session.  I thought it was time to make the cards that I make every Christmas for Bob to give out.  Which is usually 12.

Having decided on the design I had some die-cutting to do & some stamping.  I actually made 8 cards - 4 in gold & 4 in silver, so still 4 to make.

Here are photos of the 2 different colours;

The die is one of those that I purchased from Ali-Express.

It die-cut beautifully, but is very delicate so I had to be careful taking it out of the die. For it to adhere to the card I meant to use stick it style paper - but forgot for the first few, so gluing them was tricky. The rest went very easily.

I cut a piece of white card slightly smaller than the base card then heat embossed the edges to match the die-cut.  It was then simply placed on the base card.

That is me for today.  Have a great weekend doing something enjoyable.  I have a flying visit from my brother.  He arrives early afternoon & leave Sunday morning.  Still a short visit is better than none.


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