Tuesday, 2 October 2018

That unfinished project ....

... the one I was trying to finish when I had a bad day?

I decided that I should complete one of the file folder albums I had started a little while back.

Here are the photos;

As you can see I had actually started two different sizes.

The papers were left over from a larger project I had completed - so thought they would be good to be used up on this one.

Nice little pocket on the inside cover with a tag & a side pocket on the first page.

Next two pages each with side pockets.

Last page with side pocket & inside back cover with pocket & tag.

After taking the photos I started to think about how I would decorate it a little more.  
Then - disaster.
Those little pockets on the inside front & back covers? 
The book was upside down!
I hadn't double checked as I stuck the pockets in as to whether I had the book the right way up.
This also meant that the large photo tabs that were in the top loading pockets were coming out 
at the bottom of the page.


Now, why does glue really stick well when you could do with being able to change something, 
but when you want it to stick well - it comes undone?
Something about Murphy's Law (or even some other law) I believe.

This is a couple of views of the smaller album
Seems OK.

I was SO cross with myself.  Steam coming out of my ears & holding tight onto my tongue to stop me saying naughty things.

I am almost ashamed to say ladies - that for once in my crafting career - a project ended up in the bin.

There is a saying when cutting up card or material - measure twice cut once.  I think I need to add another one - look twice place once.

So there we are.

Tomorrow I will show you photos of my newest (& successful) project.

Tomorrow evening is the October meeting for the CSNW group - so hopefully will later in the week have some photos for you of their project.

That is all for today - 'bye for now.

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