Thursday, 27 March 2014

mold photos - part 2

Hi everyone & a good evening - although it is night time now.

I have for you the photos from the project at Mold II evening on Tuesday.  The project was learning about paper casting by using wet toilet tissue (yes - I know - fund isn't it - so you sort of wonder what else I might come up with?)

Mold & CSNW did this some time ago I am not sure why it has take me so long to do this with Mold II.  So here are the photos of the items they produced - I shall pop in a comment every so often to describe something - but mainly it is a photo view.

There were one or two things which worked rather well & I will pick those out;

image from embossing folder

Couldn't get this any clearer - I think it is a flower stamp

once the effect with this stamp (including using ink) was noticed quite a few ladies borrowed it so there will be some more views of this image.


Sorry about no further comments - but there was a bit of a gremlin in Blogger tonight & each time I tried to comment between photos I just got a rather thick blue line - which I couldn't clear.

So after a little while I left the photos to speak for themselves.  I will pop off & find out what the gremlin is when I finish here.

As you can see by looking at the photos - lots of embossing folders were tried & stamps with & without ink on them were used. 

This technique really works well if you tear away the excess wet tissue before it dries.  You then get a torn, distressed edge which is more fitting for stamped designs.

I took along a paper cast from an embossing folder that I had done some time ago with about 6 layers of tissue.  Before going to the meeting I sprayed it with a green mist spray & a gold mist spray which was very effective.  At the meeting I found I could separate the layers of tissue - I will photograph them & show you later.  It meant from one "stamping" I got about 5 or 6 images to use.  Will work on that in next few days - probably over the weekend.

Today I had 2 workshops - one locally for mixed media & one at the other garden centre I go to for crochet.  Two great workshops - will report on them later & on my personal stamping blog I will have some photos -but give me some time to organise it.

That is me for tonight - more tomorrow.

Night night.

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