Saturday, 19 March 2016

Mold photos - part 1

Good afternoon everyone

Well,  normal service has been resumed - but with a different look.  I went for a more simple look this time as I didn't want a repeat of that problem. Blogger doesn't delete things quite the same as the lady fro whom I got the previous background.

So - back to showing you photos of your work, & mine as well, & the first catch up is with the photos from Mold's Show & Tell at their meeting on Thursday.  The theme was a card in shades of purple. They were definitely created in shades of purple - the photography seems to put a blue tint in it.  I tried to edit them to improve the colour but didn't like the results;

A pretty floral &  flourishes card from Rhiannon

The corner design on this card from Joanna is a stencil - & you get a better view of it in the next photo because Joanna decorated the envelope as well.

We really should do this more often. Perhaps I should pick a show & tell one month where you decorate an envelope.  If you do decorate envelopes just be aware that the ink you use might run if it rains whilst the postman is delivering it.  So best to hand it to the recipient instead.

Ooh, a girl can never have too many shoes, handbags & hats Yvonne. A great card.

This beautiful card with the pansies is by Mair & she has decoupaged the flowers as well.

When I remarked on how lovely the stamp was Mair brought this beautifully stamped tag up to show me. I just had to photograph it - it looks stunning in the black/grey finish.

Ooh  I wonder if it is from her 2015 project!!

This lovely card was made by Sheelagh & because there was a bow - well - I just had to open it

This is the inside & ...............

.......... this is a close up of that flap area - with the flaps open. Very interesting design Sheelagh.

Interesting what can be achieved by using only one colour.

That's me for this post.  I will be back a little later this afternoon - oops more like evening - with the photos from Mold's project of the evening.

'Bye for now.

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