Saturday, 19 March 2016

Mold photos - part 2

Hello again everyone - I am back again, this time with the photos of Mold clubs project on Thursday.

The project was the little cube / square card that folds flat for posting.  Actually it is not unlike the card we made (last year I think) that had struts across the inside & you adhered flowers etc to them in pop-up fashion.

It was easier for me to photograph them laid down on the table.  That is - the cards laid down on the table not me.  But really - you knew that didn't you!

Some topiary from Joan on her card. I like the Shape of the topper - looks good set at that angles

Don't you just love this cows face on Clare's card?  Really cheerful - great card for a child.

I like the way that Yvonne has stamped some flowers onto the sides of the card behind the topper - very effective.

That is a beautiful stamp Riannon has used - I am assuming it is a dandelion

Mair's card is very elegant in black & white - a lovely clean & simple design.

Another interesting topper shape - this time from Janet. I think she is going to colour the Hibiscus later.

Sheelagh's topper is the flower image cut out & also another one adhered to one of the panels. A butterfly at the top giving a diagonal design line finishes this card off brilliantly.

This is such an elegant card from Joanna. That hibiscus stamp in a shade of blue sits just right in front of that background paper.

So there we are ladies - update with posting the club photos for this week.  I have several pieces of member showcases to show you & will do that over the next couple of days.

Have a great weekend.

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