Thursday, 17 March 2016

strange message SOLVED

Good morning everyone

Problem resolved in as much as I now know why it has appeared.

To cure the problem I have to change the layout of the blog - that is, the background.

I had an email this morning from the lovely lady at Blogger Help who has been looking into it for me. The problem has arisen because the lady from whom I got the background has deleted it on her site. Bob also said it was something to do with someone called Ingrid & Photobucket when he rang me last night - but that he didn't know what.  So between them it becomes clear. When I was thinking about it after Bob rang me I felt sure that the lady with the backgrounds was called Ingrid so this morning I checked & she is.  So when you put all these facts together - we have a solution.  Change the background!

This morning I found an email from Clare who said she doesn't have the problem when she views the blog on her mobile. I popped in for a quick look at the settings to see how much work I will have to do & it actually shows a photo of what it will look like on the blog via laptops etc & mobiile & sure enough there is the rogue photo on laptops not mobiles.  The things we learn.

But! here is an interesting thing. Nobody - not even myself - noticed that there was no background design when the blog was displayed.  Just shows you see what you expect to see.

Anyway I will correct this problem - not sure if I have time today - but will sort it by tomorrow evening.

'Bye for now - going to have my breakfast.

Club night tonight for Mold so need to put everything ready.  Those are the first 2 important jobs today.

'Bye for now.

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