Wednesday, 25 May 2016

2015 project - mold - part 10

Good afternoon everyone & as I said I am back again with another set of project 2015 photos.  This set of tags was created by Yvonne of Mold club;

As you can see if you read this page Yvonne has thought about the tags she is going to get in the swap.

When I went to put this tag back in the book after photographing it - I dropped it on the table & discovered what was on the back

Each of the tags has this on the back with the name of the person the tag is for. 
The letter on the front being their initial.  I love that idea.

Ooh - this must be mine!!

Great ideas Yvonne.

Right! Now unless someone is holding back their project for some reason - this is in fact the last of the photos for the project.  Except that is - for me showing you the tags that I made.  I will do that in a couple of days.

Well done all the ladies who took part - it has been really interesting to see your ideas & creativity & exciting to look at them all & photograph them.  I wonder which ones I will get for my book?

It was a lot of work so I expect you are pleased we didn't have a project for this year - but, possibly next year? 

Last night was the May meeting of the Mold II club - so tomorrow I will show the photos from that meeting.

That's me for today - 'bye for now.

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  1. Hi Gloria Sending my apologies for next Tuesday. Will not be able to attend Mold meeting. Sorry x


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