Thursday, 19 May 2016

just chatting

Good evening everyone.

I have not long been back home following the Mold club meeting this evening.

We suffered a little with numbers as quite a few ladies were poorly. So there was only 6 ladies plus me.  None the less we had a good evening & once again I think my mixed media card went down well. I will sort the photos out in the morning & put them here later in the day.

My most important job tomorrow is to get myself a new chair for the craft room.  I use one of those office style chairs & it suits both the desk where I sit at my computer & the desk where I craft. Recently I noticed a difference in my sitting position after using it for a while & discovered that the thing that allows you to raise & lower the seat is not working properly.  So after a little while of sitting on it - it starts to lower by itself.  Bit disconcerting when you are trying to stick things together & your chin is getting closer to the desk top.  :)

I also have more tag photos lined up for you to see & tonight was given another couple of sets to photograph.  So -  my camera is going to busy again.

I hope you all manage to keep clear of these bugs & things that are going around & that the ladies who are already poorly get well soon.

That's me for now.  Night night.

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