Sunday, 22 May 2016

mold photos - part 2

Hello again ladies.

This time I am showing the photos of the project from the Mold meeting on Thursday evening.  The project was the mixed media card;

Sheelagh laid quite a few items on her topper including some metal items - so it has a lot of depth to it - very pretty

I love the definite "patches" of colour in the background of Lynn's topper.  Again some nice dimension to this one.

Claire went for a more simple colour scheme with mainly gold featuring. It gives quite an impact.

Again, a lot of detail in this one from Yvonne - really pretty.

I think Janet can be described as the Mold "bling" lady & she has managed to include it here with the glittery word & the gems.

Rhiannon has used muted colours on her topper but I think plans to add something bright to it later.

This one?  Well its the one I made during the evening then brought home & layered onto card.

One of the new things to try with this card was the random squiggly border & greeting.  The idea was to hand write the greeting as well so that it became part of the border.  I think a couple of ladies have tried this & others found a stamp that fitted the design.

This time, on my card, I chose to stamp the greeting then hand scribble the border.  My hand wasn't too steady that day so didn't risk the hand writing.

A great set of cards ladies.  Next week - Mold II ladies - your turn - I hope you will enjoy this technique as well.

'Bye for now.

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