Sunday, 29 May 2016

Mold II photos - part 4

Good afternoon ladies I do hope you are enjoying this lovely weather over the bank holiday weekend & making the most of it.

We have just returned from having lunch out with Gareth & Elayne which was very pleasant indeed.  The only thing I worry about is the size of some of these meals that pubs & restaurants serve up. My dinner included a Yorkshire pudding. Well I don't think I have seen one before of such a size.  It seems a waste when people can't eat everything due to the amount served - I was certainly one today.

Anyway - onto club business.  This afternoon I have the photos from the project at the Mold II evening last Tuesday - which was the mixed media card;

I wonder if Lin is going to find some words to put on that plaque. They would really set that topper off - especially in a nice contrast colour.

Carolyn had some great threads or something on her topper which really gave it some texture. Great layout & colour.

Sue has some of that thread that Carolyn was using as well - you can see it quite clearly in the bottom right corner.  
I have not used a bundle of thread like that before on mixed media - so I am going to pinch that idea Carolyn & Sue. Hope you don't mind.

More birds on this topper by Dot & I like the way Dot, Carolyn & Sue have highlighted the birds eye. Very effective.

Elma chose blocks of different brighter colours rather than the darker approach - it looks really effective.

Rita also went for lighter & brighter colours on her topper - that looks like corrugated card on the background - adding  some different texture.

Now! this is one of the cards that suffered with my photography - I think it was the one made by Carol - the name on the tag is totally illegible.  So I have said Carol through the process of elimination. Some lovely layers & textures on that one.  Sorry about the photo Carol.

Annette's topper has a Christmas theme.  Imagine that one done again with reds, golds & greens.
Having said that I do like this colour scheme - very soft & gentle.

Christine's topper seems to have some threads or wires laid across the surface - giving another differente texture.  It is amazing what you can use.

Liz chose to go for just a couple of colours including white - which gives the topper another look

Betty has used a couple of metal charms on her topper which gives height to the decoration & another texture to the finish.

Sylvia has kept the purple / blue shade as her main colour - with the couple of "gold" colours really adding contrast.

Some great toppers there ladies - & good to see that several of you attempted the scribble border, although by the look of them I think you have done them before.

When we were discussing the toppers at the end of the evening - several ideas were put forward.  Put something nice on the back & add a magnet; with a Christmas design - put Christmas paper on the back, punch a hole in the top & hang as a decoration; take the last idea & find a way to attach it to a Christmas card, then you have a card & a present for the receiver to keep.

I don't think I mentioned enough during the time the 3 clubs took on this project - that the background doesn't have to be black or even dark brown.  They can also be created in light summery colours.  No rules - so just do whatever you fancy. Also if it will stay glued down - put it on the topper.

That evening I didn't get the chance to make a topper myself - so this weekend I have been putting that to rights & have decided to go with a light coloured version. I will post it on the blog when it is finished.

Have fun ladies
'Bye for now.

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