Thursday, 12 May 2016

Mold II photos

Good morning everyone & what another lovely day. Is it going to last the weekend I wonder.

This morning I have the photos from the Mold II meeting from the end of April.  I wasn't able to be at the meeting & Rita took the evening showing the ladies a nice new way to do some Folk Art work. Helen very kindly took the photos for me & met with me last night to return everything.

Thank you to Rita for taking the project & from the look of the photos everyone enjoyed the technique. Thank you also to Helen for taking the photos & running backwards & forwards  between me & the club with everything.

Here are the photos;

These are Helen's pieces of art work - what a lot she covered.

Phylis created 2 lovely pieces. I love the square frame - very effective.

Liz is our resident artist & that is a beautiful card. A technique obviously right up Liz's street.

I love the heart design Carloyn has created - very delicate

Elizabeth has made a card & matching envelope. The heart design looks fantastic mounted on the gold then black.

Annette has created 3 lovely designs. I love the wreath - very Christmas-y.

Carol also decorate a envelope flap.  A decorated envelope is a very nice way to receive a hand-made card.

Christine has created 2 heart frames & a rectangular frame. It is interesting how different the images look on white then black card.

Sylvia has created 2 beautiful wreaths & I rather like those little flower sprays on the left hand side.

A very delicate heart design from Betty.  
The heart designs were very popular.

I am very impressed ladies - they are beautiful designs.

The technique - very briefly - is using acrylic paints & an embossing tool to create many of the shapes. That sounds far too simplistic & I hope doesn't detract from the lovely work you see above.

Thank you again Rita - the ladies obviously loved creating these.

Outside of the evenings project the ladies presented a bouquet of flowers to Helen who is celebrating a special birthday tomorrow. Here she is;

Happy birthday for tomorrow Helen.

That's me for today ladies.  I promise to get back in rhythm again now.

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