Thursday, 26 May 2016

Mold II meeting

Wow! what an evening that was on Tuesday - certainly a busy one.

First - I was wrong about everyone having handed in their tags - Mold II's newest member Sylvia decided she would join in the project & brought her tags along on the evening.  So after I had started the ladies off on their Mixed Media project card I took photos of Sylvia's tags - because we were doing the swap during the evening.

Add to that, when I asked about Show & Tell cards - I was told there were 3 sets.  The April Show & Tell - which didn't get shown in April, plus the ones for Tuesday night (May's Show & Tell). Also Rita (who had taken the April meeting with her folk art technique) had suggested the ladies bring in a piece of work that wasn't done on the evening.  Also one of our ladies will be celebrating a special birthday in June & was presented with a bouquet of flowers - which of course had to be photographed as well.

The outcome is that I have lots of photos to load onto the computer & sort, in order to show them here. As I had a workshop this morning, & was out most of yesterday, I am only just getting sorted on those.  So I will stop my chatter, sort the photos & come back later.

Hope all that made sense.
'Bye for now.

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  1. yes you certainly had a busy night and our project was not a quick easy one either.


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