Friday, 27 May 2016

Mold photos part 1 -- April Show & Tell

Good morning ladies.

Well, here we are with the start of quite a few blog posts for Mold II club & this one - as it says in the title is for the April Show & Tell where the theme was a card featuring a pop-up.

Now I did mention in an earlier post that it was a busy evening & I am afraid it shows in the quality of some of the photos - so my apologies. I was taking them on a little table at the side & that wasn't the best place to take photos.

Anyway here they are;

Liz created a waterfall card - I haven't seen one of those made for quite a while.

Annette's card has a nice pile of presents in the centre of her card.

Sylvia had never made a pop-up card before - so well done Sylvia for tackling the subject.
That insert paper is fantastic - any man would be really pleased to receive it.

Betty has made a handbag style card with the origami folded insert that pops open like a flower when you open it.  Sorry Betty it was difficult holding the card open & taking the photo - so its a bit shaky.
There is a name for that pop-up centre & I cannot think what it is.  Anyone?  
It too was quite popular a while back.  

Another "blast from the past" so to speak.  Carol made this lovely box surprise card which folds completely flat for posting - the stand up part slides back dow inside the box part.  Also Carol has added a gate fold front to hers
This card we made quite a few years ago on a club night.

A very elegant card with a interesting pop-up centre from Carolyn.
Apologies to Carolyn as the lower photo is a little blurry.

This is Elma's card & I don't seem to have a photo of the inside & confess I cannot remember what it was. Sorry Elma.

Some lovely "Golden oldies" in that batch - & before you jump up & down in annoyance - I refer to the card designs not the ladies who made them  :)

That's me for now - back again shortly with the extra Show & Tell Rita asked for with the folk art technique.



  1. It was called an explosion card

  2. Thank you "Anonymous" (who I suspect is Betty herself) - I just couldn't think of that word.


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