Thursday, 27 July 2017

Mold photos - part 2

Good morning everyone - what a nasty wet morning.

Never mind, here are a few photos to cheer you up.  At Tuesday's Mold II meeting Annette & Elma brought along their "cards in a tin" project that they were shown at the June meeting with Rita.

Here they are;

The first set are from Annette
who chose quotes as her theme

I totally agree with that quote

Lovely pastel decorated pages, & I agree with that last quote too.

George Burns was amazing, along with his wife Gracie.  In my early teens I used to watch their TV shows, with my Mum & Dad & my brother.  At the end of every show George would always say .......... "Say goodnight Gracie".........
& of course she would always say ........... "Good night Gracie".

Isn't it amazing what will trigger a memory - thank you for that Annette.

The next set of photos are of Elma's card in a tin 

Black & gold - you can't beat it for elegance
& elegance is what you are about to see;

They are beautiful Elma - I love the gold frames around the images.
As I said - very elegant

Then I also had an email from Dot who sent me photos of her card in a tin.  We saw the outside of her tin when I posted the photos some days ago - now we can see the finished item;

What a lovely idea for this card

I did try blowing the photos up so that I could cut out 2 pages at a time for everyone to better see the images & words - but they got too distorted.
Perhaps you might be able to zoom in on them on your computers.
Thank you for sending them in Dot

More project photos for you, from each of the 3 clubs, over the next few days, & also some member showcases.  The project photos will be of the surprise card made with me - the pop-up bouquet card.

That's me - 'bye

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  1. They look great and all very different well done girls


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