Wednesday, 12 October 2016

design dilemma

Good morning - oops - just looked at my  watch.  By the time I have typed this up it will be afternoon.

So! good afternoon everyone.

What is this design dilemma?

Well, I have been playing with the Bokeh technique again & working on a Christmas card design. I was very pleased with the topper I made, then, that is when the dilemma arose.  You see - should I put it on a red card or a green card.  It definitely wasn't going on a white card.  So I have photograph the topper sitting on the 2 different colours to try & help me make my mind up & thought I would put them here & see what you thought.

The topper has been layered onto black card to make it pop, & is obviously not stuck down as I have only created this one. To complete the card later I would put some small decoration on the coloured card, for example repeat those snowflakes & also I think some ribbon.

My first thought was when they were on my desk was it has got to be the red card.  But now that I have got the 2 photos & I can see them side by side I almost prefer the green.  I have a strange feeling I will be making another background & therefore have one for each colour card.  The only thing is the backgrounds do not come out the same - that is an impossibility, which is the attraction.

By the way what do you think of my Steampunk Christmas stamps?  There is also a fantastic poinsettia flower that has a clock in the centre & a Christmas bauble decorated with cog wheels.

'Bye for now I have to press on & finish a sample for a future product - now that I have finished writing the notes & checked them out as correct.  I might let you have a sneak peak tomorrow.



  1. I prefer *that* topper on the green myself but, as you said, no two ever come out the same so you may use the red card next :) Have you considered another layer? Red under the black if you're going with the green card base....try a corner and see if it does anything?

    I *do* like your stamps, love anything 'steampunk' - are they new?

    1. Thank you for your suggestion about another layer, Jo. I will try that in the morning when I have natural light in my craft room. The stamps are great aren't they & yes they are new. I have had them about 6 weeks but only just got around to using them. They are from Viva Decor & I cant think of the other name that is on the packaging Stempel something - but then Stempel means stamp - duh!!!!

  2. Hi I think the green just wins. Rita


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