Sunday, 23 October 2016

just chatting

Hi everyone.

Do you remember a short while back that I wrote about a problem with one of my Edge'able Dies from Crafters Companion?

I finally had a response from them & the lady suggested that I had the wrong sandwich -- I had told her what I had used - in fact I told her 2 methods I had tried.  Anyway, this afternoon I have tried her method, & I ran the die through the Gemini twice before changing the plates to do the embossing.

Still the same result - not a good cut, no embossing visible & took me 10 mutes to get all the bits out of the die.

Sheelagh of Mold club had commented on the post asking if I had tried using wax paper between the die & the card.  So I took Sheelagh's suggestion after trying the above.  At least the die released from the card quite a lot easier.  But still no embossing & it also still took some time to get the residue out of the die.

So another email has gone off to them explaining todays attempts & asking if there is anything else they could suggest - or perhaps they could realise that it is possible that the die is faulty.

I await a reply - but I won't hold my breath.

Right - rant over.  Thank you for listening - oops sorry - than you for reading.


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