Wednesday, 30 April 2014

just chatting

Hello everyone

I am just popping in to say I won't really have much to talk about in the way of things I have made for the next day or so - which is also why I didn't write anything yesterday.

The reason?
I am completely redesigning my craft room & at the moment cannot see the surface of my craft desk & in fact have only just been able to clear my computer desk in order to write this.  I have been quite pleased with the way I had organised it since moving here - but I have storage boxes of all different sizes & not necessarily a useful size.  Consequently some items have ended up being squeezed on top of boxes or in front of them on the shelf.  This has made it awkward sometimes looking for things - so time for a change. My big book case now has some rather smart plastic boxes - they are clear - so I can see what is in them.  I have kept some of the cardboard boxes because they are a bit bigger for holding papers.

I have just finished sorting my craft CD's as well.  I had them stored in A5 ring binders - but I found it difficult looking through them for what I wanted.  They are all now in open top boxes - the shelf looks neater & when I have sorted the CD's into some sort of order will be much better.  Cannot make up my mind whether to sort by type or make.

Anyway - that was a longer chat than I intended.  So! for the next couple of days if you want to see some crafting photos - well you know where to send them & have them featured.  Come on ladies - you must be making something. Help me out here.

'Bye for now I think one hungry husband is ready for his dinner.

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