Tuesday, 2 January 2018

member showcase

Good morning everyone & I hope you enjoyed some good new year festivities & are now ready to return to every day things in this new year.

I have a member showcase for you today & another one tomorrow & no, people haven't been busy enough to get a showcase this early in 2018.  Over the last few days I have cleared from my craft room various magazines that I had purchased since October & low & behold there were 2 of our club ladies with their work being shown.

Today I am showing you the card from Annette of  Mold II that was featured;

What a delightful card Annette.  Well done in being selected once again & I look forward to seeing more of your cards being featured during 2018.

Some of the magazines have changed the way they show the cards now & in this issue all the featured cards were numbered & there was a list of names at the bottom of the page.

 That's my quick post for today.  More tomorrow.

'Bye for now.

OOPS FORGOT!  I have also put the Show & Tell sketch for the Mold January meeting on their club page.

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